Well, idk if anyone even noticed but ive been gone for a little while, heres why...

I was very depressed but then got better, until my dad started having some issues, sometimes being suicidal, and sometimes manipulative, saying things you shouldnt say to your 15 year old daughter. He ended up getting aggressive... I tried to commit suicide a week before my birthday (February 5th)
It was one of my most serious attempts so far. i remember it vividly but i will not go into detail.
I got back, home.. for my birthday, my dad didnt come to see me, for some reason... but then i started vaping.
One day my school caught me, i was unaware they were gonna tell my parents. When i got home that night, my dad was called, he came into my room damanding for it but i was so scared i said i didnt have it, he started rummaging around my room, yelling aggressively, he found the charger, broke it in half and started throwing things.
This is just one instance of the violence thats been going on with my dad recently. But that time i ran from home feeling unsafe, the police were not nice to me at all, they told me my life is better than many others, and were just cruel, making me lose it even more..
It hurts... it hurts everything hurts..
Eventually my mom talked to a judge and now my dad only gets me on weekends, sometimes i worry he will hurt himself.
Being with my mother isnt any better than being with my dad, she is abusive too but in very different ways.
I'm new here so I didn't notice that you were gone, but I am glad you are back and that you are still with us! Keep coming back. I'm not one to offer advice but I'm always here to listen.