Daughter and I conflict


New Here
Hello fellow travelers,
I recently spoke to my daughter on the phone. She asked me to pick up the granddaughter from camp.
It’s across town and I asked for mileage payment. She said she can’t right now and then proceeded to talk about a trip she’s planning with partner.
It would be too much for my budget right now so I said I can’t and explained why.
I rarely say no and I feel like I’m going to get hit. That I’m going to be severely punished. I know it’s a trigger from childhood . (Severely punished as a child)
But I’m kinda in fight or flight mode and can’t get out of it.
I need some compassion and tips . What I usually do isn’t working.
I think I need better boundaries with my kids.
I’m having a glad back of my mom right now.
Really coming to terms with my serious PTSD recently.
Thank you