Day 3 without sleep



Hey Artemis Ritchie, I totally understand you. It really sucks, I have been there too and it was awful. What helped me was an advice of my friend. He said, that I could see the Night as some additional time I can use to do something I enjoy. So every time I weak up I read a book until I`m tired enough and fall asleep. But it works only with calming books.

The shift in my head of sleepless night from something wearing to see it like a gift having more time to spend how I want helped me a lot. And to go to bed without any expectations. Maybe it works for you too?


3 days without sleep is really concerning. This will compound your symptoms. Have you tried melatonin? Gaba? Dramamine? Meditation? I would go to a doctor or therapist about this if you can. I hope that something will finally click for you soon and help you sleep. This is temporary. Please know that it will get better.


When my symptoms are running hot I’ll kick into cycles where I’m only sleeping once or twice a week… but it makes a massive difference if it’s 90 minutes or 12 hours or I start doing the catnap thing).

How practiced are you at dealing with sleep dep?


Policy Enforcement
Another night of staying up and wishing I was dead

Hello there,

Are you feeling safe? if you feel like your going to cause harm to yourself, call for an ambulance, 112, 911 999 or If not present yourself at a hospital where they can give you the support and they will keep you safe. How are you feeling now? I can talk to you if you'd like? hope to hear back from you soon, Ellie