Death of Good Friend


I found out today that a good friend died unexpectedly this morning. Just didn't wake up. He was almost 10 years younger than I am. Another friend told me he had said I was "one of the most beautiful, complicated, and intelligent" women he knew. He was difficult to get along with sometimes, but he had a really good heart, and he's one of the very few people I felt like I was important to. I mean, I felt his love for me.

Sad today and struggling - again/still - with that whole reality of being gone, of the empty space that death leaves.


I am truly sorry for your loss @whiteraven. I lost a lot of family members over the past couple of years as well as some really good friends, many of whom were younger than me. I do understand the emptiness and the struggle. May the divine being grant you peace and comfort.


You will struggle for awhile with this. Just keep knowing and holding on to the valuables that came from this friendship. His absence here will be difficult and his presence hopefully will continue to be felt by you in the memories he gave that let you know the friendship was mutual. You recognized the value in each other.


I'm so sorry for your loss. The suddenness must be really challenging along with their young age. I'm so sorry.

Lovely that your friend said that about you. You clearly had an important bond between you and they valued you greatly.