I have a half broken tooth.
I have been scared of the dentist my whole life. Full panic attack type scared and the dentist before this one I had to leave after a visit coz I gagged so much.
Always thought it was the dentist I was afraid of. My EMDR has given me the actual reason, yeah thanks for that insight.
So last year about this time I had to have a root canal because the tooth was so broken and I’ll left it for six months before I headed to the dentist.
Apparently the abscess in my gum was one of the biggest she’d ever seen (no wonder it was painful).
Anyways it was filled and I was supposed to go get the crown sorted in August but I still have (part of) the temporary filling over the top.

Knowing why I’m scared is not helping me get off my butt to get it sorted.
Avoid avoid avoid. f*cks sake.
Well, I can tell you you're not alone. The dentist is pretty much the worst-case scenario for those of us with PTSD. An authority figure, keeping us prone, while doing things to us we don't like. Yeah, it reminds us of other things for sure.

I'd imagine 99% of us in here hate the dentist and either avoid for years, or take medication in order to be able to go at all.


Oh gods, the dentist. I'd rather have brain surgery again than go to the dentist.

I tend to put it off, as well. I went 16 years once without going. The only thing that gets me back is a fear of something worse, like loss of all my teeth or intense pain or...the last time, I was told I needed a crown and then the partial fell out. Freaked me out.

It also helps to get as much info on the procedure I'm having so I am completely prepared. There are some dental forums where you can ask questions...that was really helpful.


Sorry you are going through this, glad your mind is pointed in the direction of help. Those abscesses hurt like no other pain I've bad. Halcion was the name of the sedative pills they prescribed to me. I was to take a pill the evening before, then two more before the dental work began. It really helped and with gas you just kinda wakeup when it's all over. I hope you find a solution so you can get ahead of this thing. I just finished one year of work so it's really fresh in my mind.