Destruction Depot....

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So, I have found this place located near me that is similar to the "rage room" that was one of the therapy sessions at the River Oaks when I was inpatient. It is a safe environment (PPE required) supervised by individuals trained in first aid, with specific types of items that you are allowed to use bats, sledge hammers and other items to beat the crap out of things. Items included in the room are Computer Monitors, Laptops, Printers, TVs, Vases, Dishes, Glasses, Mugs, Appliances, Knicks Knacks. Anyway, as I am going through doing a major purge of my things and having found this location I have decided that since I was shortchanged of my opportunity to participate in that session while I was inpatient at River Oaks I am going to do a sort of "rage room" session version of my own. The location near me allows you to donate items and in return get credit toward your session which is great because while I was waiting for my household goods I purchased some things that would be good donation items for this place from yard sales and thrift stores and I am in the process of removing the hard drives from several old computers that I have been lugging around for years so that I can copy the files off them and they I will donate the "shells" of the computers and destroy the drives myself. All of which should give me enough credit for about an hour in the "destruction depot". I think that the timing is good as well. I have been struggling a lot lately because my emotions are really coming to the surface which is not something I am comfortable with and some time working them out in what is a "socially acceptable" manner may just be what I need.


Many years ago my then T suggested something very similar.

I went to yard sales and thrift stores and collected a nice pile of breakable glass and other things I could beat the shit out of.

It was one of the most cleansing and theraputic things I've ever done. And I do love the sound of breaking glass!!

Go for it!! And I shouted out loud and said the things I needed to get out of me.

I hope it is as cleansing for you as it was for me! Let us know how things went and how you felt after!!
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