Sufferer Diagnosed with Complex PTSD at 32


New Here
I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD yesterday, I was sure I had BPD and after a few sessions I was diagnosed, it’s still really raw and I feel weird knowing I’ll have a disorder for the rest of my life.
I feel happy and sad at the same time, was just hoping to reach out and get to know people with the same disorder and hopefully make some internet friends, I’ve always felt so different from others/ hyper sensitive and emotional and i feel relieved knowing what it is now and I just hope that my therapy continues to help me with this, my therapist started with psychodynamic therapy and after diagnosing me we are working on grounding techniques and intensive talking therapy about my trauma, has anyone else had the same and does it help x


Yes I remember distinctly at first I was desperate to be diagnosed then when they said it i went wait I’m not sick. I also remember wanting to talk with others about it and stuff . I’ve never done that except here. No contact. It’s a lot different a few years later , is it a lot better? I guess that’s individual. There’s plenty of reading to do here. Good luck.


Welcome @Kellyrosie. A very positive thing to do reaching out to get support. It is confusing to get the dx. Glad we finally know what is going on, but overwhelmed with where to start. Glad you are here.

A great place to be a part of. Lots of information and people here are very supportive and understanding. And yes, we have this for the rest of our lives, but we can and do reach a maintenance stage. Having support along the way helps a lot.

Take your time. We aren't going anywhere.


Also leaned on the BPD + GAD before the CPTSD came like a hammer, but a good one. It’s also what had made me come here! There are many of the features of emotion-anxiety linked disorders that overlap… Yes, it is shocking to see we have a condition that is pretty much permanent, the good news is that it is manageable and it responds well to the right treatment. And to be honest, I was content to finally find there is a reason for all that mess and it wasn’t something I was "making up." My therapy is mostly focusing on mood stabilizers and self-affirmation. I also do DBT and CBT on the side. Welcome to the forum :-) Here you’ll find plenty of people who understand the specific brand of heightened emotions you’re talking about. Validation, understanding and ideas!