Did EMDR largely resolve your CPTSD and if so, how long did it take?



Friday: yes I want a magic wand. I am searching for a way to accelerate fixing things as I am having problems in life that I just cannot deal with without my brain being functional. I even started looking into law of attraction as a Hail Mary.
Frieda: that 8-10 number is what makes you hope it will be quick yes. I am nearing 8 and it’s just a dent though.. a hopeful dent and still quicker dent than I would have done without it but still, it is a dent.
Chris-duck: it seems the actual emdr processing bit takes very little time in itself, yes. The part that takes loads of time (and requires a skilful T) is the navigating and deciphering what where how needs to be processed, knowing what to do when a block comes etc. Oh yeah and also just getting to the table of starting it too. I went years and years thinking No way will I see anyone, I will sort my own head out.

Renly: Neurofeedback sounds promising yes, maybe biofeedback too. I am interested in energy healing too - I have had very good help from this though it depends on the practitioner. I see my T today so will ask her what I can do to accelerate things. I don’t want to cram too much in if it would screw things up.

Btw how do you thank someone’s post on this forum??


Thanks. I fear years ahead of me…

I am thinking of reading EMDR and Getting Past Your Past by Francine Shapiro so I can do EMDR on my own as well as with the T.

Has anyone here tried to do EMDR to themselves? I googled how often can you do EMDR and someone wrote as much as you want! But so far I have found after a session the changes keep coming through my head for maybe a week-10 days. So I wonder if doing it daily like meditation would screw things up?

Or did you do any other therapies in conjunction with the EMDR? I am thinking of neurofeedback, maybe tapping.

How to fix things as fast as possible?!
It's a journey.....not a race. If you conceptualize therapy as a long process like a journey.....you can console yourself that you'll always be "learning" and improving. If you see therapy as something finite....something you need to hurry and do and get over, .I'm afraid you may have a harder time getting/staying stable.....and finding contentment with who you are. JMHO


TruthSeeker: see life as a journey, yes.
But sometimes when you aren’t at a level to handle stuff that comes up in life that can threaten basic stuff it is an urgent need to reach a certain level of competency. One block I have that keeps detrailing me is freezing around confrontation and I keep getting steamrolled and revictimised. I am currently facing a vicious landlord who is trying to evict me and I just have to unfreeze and deal with it - I won’t be stable if I’m homeless. (She became vicious after months and months - years? Of terrible maintenance, me being the frozen steamrolled one, then me blowing up like a volcano > landlord got butthurt and became vindictive and vicious.)


Btw my T said also that EMDR cannot be rushed..
I think in my case I may even be paused a bit. I plan to get the Shapiro EMDR books to figure out out better what is going on but I think my safe place to go back to has been displaced from what EMDR progress has been made. The reconfiguring in my brain has altered it and it has to be reinstated in an updated form -whatever that is which I haven’t figured out yet. I’m in a transitiony/ floaty state where an old pattern has been disrupted but a new one not yet replaced it. You really do need a skilful T to navigate stuff properly..