DID DID parts and the therapist


Question for anyone out there with DID: how does your "angry" parts interact with your therapist? Or do they?
I have many different parts within the system that makes us who we are. Most of them are tolerated despite having their own issues and struggles. Then there's the others. Their ridgid, easily annoyed, can cause harm to ourselves and others, mean, narrow minded and lack the ability to effectively communicate why they are so angry and miserable. It escalated significantly after our T told us she's not returning to the office till at least the summer. That's all I can write for now.


Mostly the t works with the angry parts or the parts others are afraid of. He’s not afraid of them. They just work together. Certainly there are boundaries and everyone including those parts need to come to terms with that. We’ve worked hard to let all parts know that the body has already been hurt enough and that there are other coping tools to use. Our helpers are to be respected by all parts don’t cause harm to others or their work space.


I agree with what was said. Our therapist has worked with everyone. She has set boundaries but has not been afraid to interact or communicate with anyone. The continuous interactions have made a big impact on them, and me:
*From changing their name from "critical part" to "protector".
*To these parts understanding what being cared about feels just because of our therapist's continuous interactions and willingness to communicate and work with them.

They "get active" at times in therapy and that is when they communicate with our therapist or we have been assigned homework and our therapist checks in with them.


I have an angry insider who hates therapy and therapists. She is a fierce protector and tried very hard with my last therapist to do the right thing and introduce him to someone inside who was hidden. She wrote a letter to him to explain what a hard thing it was for us - and her anger at him for the way he'd been treating us came through. When I went in next time (I didn't know about the letter), he was hostile and threw the letter at me.

I never went back. If a therapist is unable to handle an angry insider, he's useless to me.