Did your therapist share their treatment plan with you?


I haven't had a therapist sit down with a treatment plan or goals with me at all. I also don't ask about it and don't really need something like that. I'll ask questions when I have them, and they will often check in with me and ask me what I feel I need, remind me that they work for me, and ask what they can do to be more supportive.

My current therapist is a trauma therapist (my other 2 were not) and we've discussed EMDR and several other modalities or "tools" that can help me. I'm currently doing EMDR. He reminds me that I'm in charge and he is here for me and works for me. He is always open to not doing something, or stopping if I don't like it or I feel it is not working. He often reminds me of the progress I've made and that what we are doing is working, but that healing is slow. I know he fills out treatment plans with his supervisor because he's mentioned it once or twice, but I haven't asked because he's so damn good at what he does and whatever his plan is, it's working.


No, I have never had a treatment plan. At least not one that was shared with me.
I think discussing and being clear about a treatment plan is just sensible....similar to an IEP-individual educational program for special needs folks...ain't gonna get nowhere if you don't know where you're headed and have a clear idea what you want out of therapy. Just a thought.....maybe you should ask to see it.....the Insurance Company requires therapists who take insurance to create one.


I'm not sure my treatment plan was "shared" with me exactly, but we created it jointly, cos it's based on what I wanna change mixed with what methods I agree to using to change it. Absolute crapton of psychoed pre therapy etc. I'm sure there's things and techniques I'm not really aware of them using or whatever, but overall goals and treatment options etc are gone over pretty regularly.


I went to my very first therapist with my own goals and she seemed to get with the program. She helped me get connected with a great DBT program. There was no need for a treatment plan discussion there. It was all very structured with a workbook.

When my PTSD flared up after COVID I went back to therapy. We don’t have a specific treatment plan. I let her know what’s important to me to work on. She makes suggestions along the way. I haven’t felt the need to ask her but I know if I did she would talk to me about her thoughts. Not sure if that helps you. Whatever style your therapist uses she should be willing to talk about it.