Difficulty writing formal complaint about work partner

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I was off work for 3 years, as a result of both physical and mental injuries that occurred at work. During that time I was also diagnosed with PTSD.

I cancelled all of my wcb claims last June, so that my employer could only deal with my physician. After about 10 months of disrespecting my physician, my employer finally got the message and agreed to stop fighting us. I was granted an accommodation to another area of the province, and started full time on June 1 this year.

I've had endless problems with my new partner, who has been a bully, has overstepped professional boundaries, has declared me unfit for the job, and has declared that I am "a danger" and refuses to work with me.

I was placed in a mentorship for several weeks, that gave me an extra partner so there would be 3 of us. That mentorship has ended, wcb is involved again, and I'm on an unpaid leave of absence until management can figure out what to do with this situation.


There was a big meeting last week, and the union rep was concerned about some of what I had to say regarding my partner's behaviour. The rep asked for more details afterwards during a private call, and subsequently asked me to write a formal complaint as issues of harassment and medical discrimination need investigating.

As part of my previous PTSD claim, I had to write about workplace incidents, and was repeatedly not believed. To the point that it took years to have the claim approved, which was finally done only when the new case manager recognized I was a serious risk for suicide.

After all the years of not being believed, and now in this new situation... I find I can't write the formal complaint about my partner.

I get as far as opening a blank word document, and then my mind goes blank. I had made some notes in my diary here, to deal with the mind blanks, but I still can't write anything. I'm typing gibberish. I can't get anything coherent onto the file. Or it just comes out as whining about minor shit and I'm just soft.

I was supposed to have a document ready for the union rep to proof yesterday (really today, b/c yesterday was a holiday). I don't know what to do with this. I'm nauseous and have a headache thinking about all of this.

Warrior Chicken

Is there a colleague you are comfortable verbalizing this to? Could you speak and they transform that to writing or point form for you to build from?
Reason I mention colleague is cuz they will have understanding of the system more than someone outside it. Wording is important for these things. But if you can handle jigging the terminology after the main facts are down, then someone outside the system could help.

I don’t know enough about your full situation, but I know this kind of things is very much stress inducing. Sending kindness for that. Hope you can find balance with this eventually.
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