Disassociation or something else?




I'm really confused cause I don't really know if I have depersonalization & derealization or something else... since almost 3 months after a shock event in my life I'm started feeling like my house, my work place, my street my family, friends and every single place I visited before strange and first time I went there.

And also my memories and everything in my life like doesn't happened and also music i loved and every detail in my life...myself my personality like not myself anymore... and also that i feel that everything around me is weird and like im not living in life and environment around me like trees and everything so strange! It's like I forget what normal is and who I was as a person before..

And also related my sensation of weather and environment and seasons?
And when I talk it's not seem like me
And my head like it's not mine
Feeling like I'm not here...
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There are a lot of things it could be, caused by even more things.

- Do you have PTSD? Or any other diagnosed condition?

- Have you seen a doctor to rule out medical causes? (Infection, head trauma, allergies/autoimmune, tumors, o2 saturation, blood glucose &/or diabetic issues, hormone imbalance, malnutrition, etc.). <<< If you haven’t seen a doctor? Do so, regardless of any psych diagnosis.

- Started or stopped any meds recently? (Within the past 3-6mo)

- Been eating/sleeping?