Disease and PTSD


I often feel positive tending to my mental list of gratitude (several times a day). As well, I often spend time offering love, light and prayers to those many critical situations world wide. But there are times, like in this moment, that I am bested by my PTSD, family of origin counter moves and my Ménière’s Ear Disease. So weary: over week long episodes.

So I fumbled into the forum, medicated (prescribed) to the hilt and realized that my cataracts weren’t helping the matter neither- (if I could stop disassociating long enough to post). ? < laughing at myself which is sooo much better than what I felt before I came. Will try later... good to pop in among those who walk the walk.

Love to the group. Thank you for listening and stay well.


It has been 12 days now of a solid, full ranging onset of symptoms from the Ménière’s balance concern. I have a few hours among the day with reprieving minimal vertigo. But mostly I am trying to regulate through meds, rest, meditation, easing the panic attack, stopping the cascade of depressive, negative or intrusive thoughts and dealing with the drop-attacks from the disease.

My PTSD has been amped (as I am sure many of us have been) since the new normal took place and world politics moved forward. So this is the second reoccurrence of an extended Ménière’s episode within 4months. I become frightened for when the vertigo is full blown for there is no point of reference insofar as where I am. The swirling is so intense both vertical and horizontal that I loose my sense of self (and various other things). With narcotics, it slows in a few hours and I continue pumping in less serious scripts to quiet the remaining jolts of alternative reality. But it is ever ready to reappear without warning nor provocation. This time the disease is becoming my lingering uninvited guest.

So it is difficult to know sometimes, which triggers first- the PTSD hence disease flair up or the disease triggering PTSD. I am not sure if it matters, but with so little reserve of energy during the inthrows , I was wondering if anyone else whom battles with disease, ect might offer tips they found or areas that allow an easier recovery or at least towards a remission of less symptoms In PTSD w/disease.

I know it may be personal and thank you anyway for your consideration if it is too hard to offer. I have a T, a slew of Drs but it is those of us, that walk the walk that truly know from experience.

So how do you cope with disease+PTSD? Is it hourly, daily, or something else that helps? ?, light to those in need


@Recovery4Me I'm so sorry you're experiencing a flare up, and I hope it subsides soon. I don't have the same illness as you, but I have a condition that causes dizziness and increased heart rate, and brain fog. I also have occasionally severe chronic pain. Medication has helped me the most. I think radical acceptance is helpful too. I find I have the biggest issues when I resist what is happening to me. When I can accept it, it starts to lessen its hold on me. Sending you healing and love.


radical acceptance is helpful too. I

Thank you so much for the unconditional support with the personal share. As well, I offer my respect for what you endure plus the wisdom that you shared. I can see how much ‘work’ you have placed within the process of Therapy’s journey. ??

Radical acceptance is indeed what my Therapist keeps coaching and I occasionally succeed. It is challenging for me to know the point of letting go, inorder to accept the present rotations of symptoms. Normally these bouts were episodic not concurrent. I have accepted that I need assistance at home and am in the process of navigating that move forward. My vertigo, migraines and fatigue have been a constant, triggering hypervigilance plus disassociation. But in this moment (and many others) I keep my depression at bay. Hope is essential.

So if you want to share more thoughts...I will listen. Thank you for your offer.

@Ronin one arm opened hug and unconditional love.

@HealingMama Thank you. ?