Research Dissertation Research Study looking for Military Brats of Combat Veterans

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Description of Project: We are conducting a dissertation research study about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in adult children whose parents were combat veterans and diagnosed with PTSD. Your participation will take about 10-15 minutes. We will ask you to take an electronic survey and potentially be selected to participate in a telephonic focus group. Also, participants can volunteer to be selected to participate in a one on one interview.

To qualify one must:
Be 19 years old or older
Your parent was/is a combat veteran of WWII, Korean War, Vietnam, Persian Gulf War, and the Afghanistan /Iraq war.
Your parent was diagnosed with or exhibited signs of PTSD

Participants will be entered to win one of ten $25 Electronic gift cards.
Interview participants must be available to participate for a minimum of 60- 90 minutes and be able to review final transcripts for accuracy.
If you are interested, please complete the demographic questionnaire located at:

To learn more, contact the principal investigator of the study, Melanie Marshall at [email protected] or 336-528-0318.

This dissertation research is conducted under the direction of Dr. Tyra Whittaker, Professor & Chair, Department of Counseling. Dr. Whittaker can be contacted at [email protected] or 336-334-7916. The study has been reviewed and approved by N.C. A&T Institutional Review Board.


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Calling the children of a Veteran ‘military brats’ will neither endear you nor garner support; certainly not in the UK!


@RobU66 Must be a Queens English / American English (LOL are pants trousers or knickers? ;)) kind of thing. In the US that’s just what dependent children of active duty military are called. Navy brat, Army brat, military brats. Shrug. No harm meant. Good for the researchers to know hose terms aren’t international, though!
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