Has the following ever happened to anyone.

I was reading about child neglect an its effects and thinking about how things that happened in the past weren't bad enough to be called trauma (not just talking about child neglect) then all of a sudden I got really, really tired and had to lie down because otherwise it felt like I was going to pass out. After I lay down I watched a movie of something old playing in my head for like 5 minutes or so and then I felt totally fine again. No more tiredness.... nothing.


Yep yep.

It’s like an adrenaline crash... but skipping over the hours/days of awake/alert/and able... and to the part where your bones turn to jelly and you collapse to the floor & either pass the f*ck out, or get hit with all the delayed reaction to everything that’s happened during the adrenaline rush.

Another difference between this, and an actual adrenaline crash is that how long it takes to wear off I’ve found to be super variable. A few minutes, up to several days.


Oh I was just going to post a question of does anyone else feel really sleepy when they dissociate or after they have been overwhelmed and I saw your thread. I am sorry it happens but I am glad it is not just me. It feels like my mind just goes to sleep. I have found getting up and moving around can help sometimes (not sure if that would be helpfulf or you ).


Yes....though I don't think mine have ever shifted that quickly!

My therapist talks about 'going unconscious'...so literally going unconscious (feeling sleepy to the point of not being able to stay awake/conscious) to unconscious material. Things we are not ready to accept/confront/deal with/talk about... A pretty effective avoidance tactic!