Do friendships get easier?


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I was told I probably have C-PTSD last year and it was explained how that was most likely the cause for unstable relationships/friendships.

I'm able to recognise how emotional dysfunction can cause issues in my friendships and I'd just like to know if it gets easier? I really fear being alone and have thoughts that I'll never find love or make new friends.

Apologies if this isn't the correct format, this is my first time on this website.


I'd just like to know if it gets easier?
In my experience? Yes & No.

I’m extremely adept at making friends of all kinds… but when my symptoms are running hot? Making, much less keeping friends, is totally beyond me. For a whole lotta different reasons.

So, for me, the key is reeeeeeally to get on top of symptom management.

Which doesn’t mean I have to be asymptomatic, at all. It does mean that those whole lotta different reasons? Need to be addressed. Like the ability to trust my own judgment / make good choices, and isolating in ways that allow for close relationships, and managing my stress so that I’m not doing too much / too little, and not indulging in destructive & sabotaging coping mechanisms, and, and, and, and. <<< THAT? Definitely gets easier with time & practice.

But, more likely than not? I’ll be running symptom hot & totally unable to “people” at all, intermittently.