Do you believe in signs and symbols from the universe?

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I have been struggling a lot the past few weeks and not exactly having a good weekend. I looked up after I finished my book today and hanging from the molding near the ceiling across the room (my bedroom) from me a bat was hanging down. I hate bats but knowing it was the weekend and knowing that I do not want anyone in my bedroom let along a stranger I went on the internet to see if there was a way to get rid of it myself.

When I googled how to get a bat out of the house all of these articles came up about what a bat in your house can mean. If I want to be positive a bat in my house is a sign of future prosperity, success, a change in my life soon. If I look at the negative meanings it is a portent of death either mine, a family member or that it brings a message of evil.

Needless to say with my history I have to say I am thinking more likely a portent of evil. I say that because the only other time I have had a bat in my home was shortly after I married my ex and relatively soon there after his controlling moved to out right abusive.

So, I have always been someone that asked for and thought that I received signs from the universe, call it karma, kismet, fate what ever and as much as it would be nice to believe in the positive meanings for this less than positive event I don't know how,


I don't believe in "negative" signs. Typically, coming into contact with a bat, that is thought of as a night guardian, means that a change or transition is ahead.

I do believe in spirit animals that come to us as reminders or as support during times we most need them.

What we interpret as negative is just that: our interpretation. When it comes to spirit animals or synchronicity, I only look for the positive meanings. It's the one surprise I really look forward to in life.


Signs, symbols, yeah.

(You are reading this, right? So totally weird signs & symbols making sense.)

Everywhere, no. Not everything has to make sense.

I also believe in the power of being bored or tired as f*ck and needing input where none much interesting is had.

& Lately what I thought were Morse was just a guy with dying battery flashlight. So nothing in the lair of normal messaging, either. So SOL on light is bad karma, right there.


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@Ronin Unless of course the dying flashlight happened to coincidentally spell out "Play the lottery •STOP• Watch for icebergs •STOP•"
In which case, get a lotto ticket, carry a flare gun and avoid the ice machine.

Though on a slightly more serious note, I once lost a good flashlight down an outhouse seat after disturbing a bat that was living in it.
Lousy radar guided rodent.

I don't know if some entity out there somewhere likes to give us hidden messages or not, I kind of doubt it. Something that can arrange time and space to work out in a very specific way, doesn't really need to be vague about what it wants. Passive aggressive universal spirit beings is an unpleasant concept.


reality is mundane. neither magic nor mysticism are real. signs, omens and portents of all kinds are a (desperate) attempt to find meaning in the universe, to tell oneself that one is significant, that events can be predicted, that the world has meaning. but we are not significant; the world does not have meaning. The universe Does Not Care. It never has, it never will.

Yet despite the intuitively negative nature of an uncaring universe, this is an absolute positive. Nothing trumps our own motivation and purpose. We do not fight fate, because there is no fate. We can effect change.

Also, look up 'magical thinking.'


No. Except when I'm looking for things to support confirmational bias. Which I definitely do sometimes.

Did you get rid of the bat? (To me, noticing a bat in the house means I have a problem because I REALLY don't like indoor bats.)


Yes. So did William James, CJ Jung and Joseph Campbell so you're in good company.

Haha someone just shook some keys near me as I wrote that. Keys to the kingdom, eyes to see and ears to hear and all of that.



Did you get rid of the bat?
Yes, I was able to get rid of the bat and have a company coming to figure out how he got in. Not going to lie, really glad I am not going to be home tonight and that it happened this week when I will be out of the house for 12-18 hours a day most days if not longer because the guy coming to figure out how he got in can't come until Friday as his kid is getting married on Wednesday.

I guess I am wondering if people believe in signs or symbols because honestly I had no idea before I found the information on the internet


because honestly I had no idea before I found the information on the internet

May be huge difference with which influences youre raised. In some cultures & sub communities of cultures its more common beliefs, in some belief in omens is shunned as flavors of irrational, and depends greatly what your larger cosmologic beliefs are.

So I would think of what (dis)beliefs in what do in your life? What does feeling this way or that one do in your life and how you interpret the world & feel about yourself and other people? Is IME the only place that matters. Beliefs themselves are fairly neutral, its what we do with them & measure that makes the difference.
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