Poll Do you carry or display photographs of people important to you?

Do you keep photos on you, or display them in your home?

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Anyone else have a ‘thing’ about not keeping pictures of friends/ family/ loved ones on them, or displayed in their homes?

I suspect this is just a me-thing, because once upon a time doing so put them at risk, and that’s not exactly common. I’ve never exactly gotten over it, but for several years did manage a few in my home. That ended in 2012 when I got divorced, and my PTSD kicked back into high gear. Although I don’t know if it’s related to trauma, hyper-vig, trust and connection issues; or if it’s simply falling back into old habits/patterns.


I don't keep photos on me. Around the house, there's a couple of my niece and one of me & my unofficial adopted brother. That one is there to remind me of better days and to give whoever clears out the house something to wonder about. In my billfold, there are two poems and the address for a grave at Ft Snelling National Cemetery. I suppose those will also give people something to wonder about at some point.


On me no. Unless on my phone counts but I’m thinking that’s not what you mean, you mean like wallet photos and I never did, and I had people act surprised or even shocked I didn’t. We have lots and lots of pictures of the kids and all of us since we’ve been married over thirty years but we don’t really like display them on the living room furniture like a shrine lol. Like wedding pictures and all that. I always thought that sort of ? Tacky and depressing idk.