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Do You Grind Your Teeth?

Discussion in 'Polls' started by Marlene, Jul 11, 2007.

Do You Grind Your Teeth?

  1. Yes

    121 vote(s)
  2. No

    18 vote(s)
  3. Apparently, though unaware

    36 vote(s)
  1. Marlene

    Marlene I'm a VIP Premium Member

    When your anxiety is up, do you find yourself grinding your teeth? This is something that has started for me recently. Or I'm just noticing it more since I had oral surgery a couple of months ago. Not sure which.

    I know that a while ago in another section of the forum this issue was discussed a bit, but I was wondering if anyone else deals with this.

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  3. becvan

    becvan Queen of the Blunt! Premium Member

    I clench, not grind. As far as I know I've always done it. Didn't pick an option cause there's no clenching one! lol

  4. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    I voted, though also modified the poll by removing the last option which was irrelevant as the poll was not multiple choice available, and changed the option "sometimes" to more "unaware", ie. you do it in your sleep because you have been told by partner or dentist, though not knowingly do it. Why? You either do or don't grind your teeth, and unaware is a more viable option than sometimes.

    Just explanation as to why i changed the options a little. Good poll though Lisa... excellent question. I ticked no, as I no longer do it. Yes, I used to do it when my anxiety and PTSD was quite out of control, though now I no longer grind as my anxiety doesn't normally reach such levels nowadays.
  5. hodge

    hodge I'm a VIP Premium Member Donated

    I voted no, but I used to grind my teeth. My jaws became so sore I went to the doctor, who said I had TMJ. After that, I became aware of when I was doing it and made myself do something relaxing. Now I do occasionally find myself clenching my teeth when I'm stressed.
  6. kers

    kers I'm a VIP

    Yep. My dentist says my grinding is why I've cracked several teeth. I do it during the day when I'm stressed, but never realize it till my head aches.
  7. batgirl

    batgirl I'm a VIP

    I voted for unaware, because I only do it in my sleep. I have to wear a mouth guard at night now, because I've damaged several of my molars. One even had to be pulled because it got badly cracked and then I had a bad absess as a result.
  8. She Cat

    She Cat Policy Enforcement Banned Premium Member Sponsor $100+

    I voted yes. I grind them so bad at night that others have told me that it sounds like a train trying to stop on tracks. I also clentch during the day.....
  9. Lisa

    Lisa Well-Known Member

    I wanted to vote both yes and apparently but unaware, because sometimes im aware of it sometimes i'm not. AT the moment I don't think I'm aware of it... I always know when I've been doing it because my jaw feels bruised. Plus i have caught myself being extremely tense and my neck hurting and jaw clamped shut.

    I think I do it in my sleep.
  10. brainless_twit

    brainless_twit New Member

    I voted yes. I do grind my teeth in my sleep, but I know I do it because sometimes it wakes me up. I've noticed it very few times while awake.
  11. reallydown

    reallydown I'm a VIP

    i voted yes...i've only realized this recently
  12. 2quilt

    2quilt I'm a VIP

    grinding teeth

    I wear a night guard every night and still have painful jaws in the morning on bad nightmare nights. Better to wear out the nightgard than the molars.
  13. kkoehler

    kkoehler New Member

    Yes, for the first time in my life I have TMJ. In fact my dentist pointed out the damage done to my teeth from it. It hasn't completly gone away. It comes and goes now versus when I was in the midst of the stressors.
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