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Do you share social media stuff with your therapist?

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I hope this isn’t a weird question, but how much “social media” stuff is okay/appropriate/effective to share with a therapist?

And by this I mean things like discussing your own posts on FB / IG and the response you received, or maybe your own comments from a blog you participate in as a social thing for your own growth (gardening, writing, book club, etc), maybe details of a problematic (or helpful) text exchange between you and someone else, or the person or post on Reddit who angered you, or your relationships in online gaming, etc.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.
No question is weird. There is lots I would never dream of sharing with my t, however, that being said he would listen to anything I bring up because that is the way we do therapy together. Unless I’m avoiding by bringing up random useless things, then of course he has this way of bringing it around to the real issue. If it is relevant to your thought process then it must work for you to do so.
I can't imagine that my T would care about anything I do on social media.
This is kinda where I find myself ending up. I sometimes think “This would be good to share” and then after consideration I wonder if it’s just not something that’s “right” for therapy. “Why would he care and why does this matter as far as my therapy time is concerned” or “This is something people would say is more appropriate to share with one’s friends and family if such exists and the only reason I want to share it is because I’m lonely/alone/seeking validation and input/whatever.“
I shared this site and my name with my therapist. I wanted to give her this information so she could see how I'm doing or make suggestions to me during our sessions. I know she has sent her other PTSD patients here because she has been impressed with the site. My therapist also encourages me to share more about myself. She sees this place as a leg of support...my most important leg of support.
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