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Doctor let me know through a note on my labs

Discussion in 'Medical' started by DharmaGirl, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. DharmaGirl

    DharmaGirl Crazy Chicken Lady Premium Member Sponsor $100+

    I looked up my lab results today and was shocked to see a note from my doctor telling me that my stage 3 kidney disease was doing well. WTF? What stage 3 kidney disease? What happened to stage one and two? Six months ago she told me my kidneys were fine, three months ago she told me to drink more, and now she tells me I have kidney disease in a note written on my lab results? What kind of doctor does that? Now I am trying not to freak out, wondering what I should be doing and not doing to make this better. She didn't even suggest an appointment to discuss it. Damn.
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  3. Tornadic Thoughts

    Tornadic Thoughts I'm a VIP

    Grrrrrrrrrrr...that goes a long way in increasing confidence towards her future care, ay? Sorry she chooses to operate in that manner and I hope you get some answers and competent guidance.
  4. Crow

    Crow I'm a VIP Premium Member Sponsor $100+

    So angry for you! I'm sorry she sucks.
  5. walter mitty

    walter mitty Member

    i just went all the way through stage 5 and had a kidney transplant. i agree this should have been discussed, but there really isn't much to do till late state 3 or early stage 4. Even then monitoring should become scheduled like every 3-6 months. Does make you wonder though....
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  6. The Albatross

    The Albatross Product of decisions rather than circumstances Premium Member Sponsor $100+

    Dharma, the hydration component is so important - ask copies of your blood labs and bring them to your next appointment with your doctor. I was at one time falsely diagnosed with stage 3 too however in my case it was caused by the allergy meds my ENT had me on even though I was drinking plenty of water. When I took myself down to minimum medication and hydrated for 6 months & did a kidney/liver detox... I went to an independent lab and practitioner and had it read. The issue had resolved.

    I took that back to the Dr. who'd diagnosed stage 3 and he asked if I would take another blood test ... I did and I am barely even a stage 1 for my age.
  7. DharmaGirl

    DharmaGirl Crazy Chicken Lady Premium Member Sponsor $100+

    @The Albatross, I get all my labs on the internet, which is how I found out. I don't really agree with , since 3 years ago I had the acute kidney failure, I was told to stay away from any meds that were hard on my kidneys. I told my doc this, and at the time she said my kidney functions were fine and put me on metformin. I couldn't tolerate it, and my labs 3 months later after a week of it were worse. Makes sense. Three months later, after working outside for a couple hours a day in around 100 degree weather, my labs weren't any better. Hmm, 100 degree weather, working outside, must be dehydration. So, I totally agree with you that it's probably dehydration.

    @walter mitty, I know there is nothing to do really, but to tell someone by writing a note on a lab report?
  8. whiteraven

    whiteraven Well-Known Member

    @DharmaGirl This same thing happened to me, except I actually had to interpret the labs myself - no note from my doc and I found out they showed Stage 3 for 2 years prior as well. And I had NEVER had kidney issues.

    So sorry you are going through this.
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  9. Lucycat

    Lucycat "Wisdom begins in wonder." ~ Socrates ~ Premium Member Donated

    We are an international forum here. Can you explain yourself please. Clearly your labs are not your Labradors or your laboratories. What are they please?
  10. She Cat

    She Cat Policy Enforcement Banned Premium Member Sponsor $100+

    @DharmaGirl Could you please post exactly what your labs say. Creatinine, BUN, and GFR rate???? I went through something similar a few yrs ago. Not as bad as you, but still scary. If you are at stage 3 then you need to see a Nephrologist immediately, if not sooner..... Also dietary changes can help control kidney issues.

    @Lucycat She is speaking about test results for kidney function....
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  11. walter mitty

    walter mitty Member

    @DharmaGirl, i get it and agree that learning off a sidenote in a lab report is wrong, actually sorta nuts if you think about it. Especially as so many simple things can make your kidneys worse, but how would you know to avoid them without being told.

    Hydration is VERY important as well as considering your situation when a lap is pulled. I went through my ESRD at Mayo Rochester where patients and doctors work closely together on issues, excellent education and communication. I learned enough to read my labs, which were weekly over several years, to know when something significant had changed without waiting to talk to the doctor.

    Someone else asked about your creatinine, GFR, BUN, and electrolytes. If you want to share levels some of us might be able to help you understand how they relate and what they mean. Having several sets of labs helps show unusual and suspicious readings, and trends.
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  12. Living in the 70s

    Living in the 70s "Go dté tú slán" Premium Member Donated

    Sorry this happened. Not professional!
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  13. DharmaGirl

    DharmaGirl Crazy Chicken Lady Premium Member Sponsor $100+

    I'm an RN, I know how they work together, but thanks for the offer.
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