Does anyone burst into tears because of their PTSD


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My therapist said that I have symptoms related to PTSD. Panic attacks, nightmares etc
I grew up in an unsafe house hold where I was physically abused by my mothers boyfriend at the age of three. My mum later married him and denied what he did although there are plenty of photos (taken by my Dr) to prove otherwise. I don't speak to her any more, she moved away and never left an address. I was bullied in school allot because of marks on my body.
I get allot of feelings of rejection and feel like noone wants me.
My coworkers, who are very understanding, notice that I'm down. I end up bursting into tears randomly at times. Is this normal for PTSD?

Tornadic Thoughts

I cry often and very easily, be it sadness, grief, frustration, anger, happiness, awe-inspired, or just because someone was unexpectedly kind to me, but I can't say for sure if it's strictly because of ptsd.

I used to try really hard to make myself not cry, feeling like I'd be considered weak or a "snowflake", or whatever other pre-programmed derogatory assumptions I was used to hearing would come to mind.

However, I eventually learned the hard way that the more I try to hold it in, the more intense other symptoms would get and my feelings of dis-ease greatly increased.

I've come to the conclusion, with the help of various practitioners, that I'm simply a highly sensitive being, in more ways than one, who has endured, survived, and witnessed some hellish scenes within my life.

The current state of damn near everything leaves a lot to cry about, in my opinion. The more aware I become of things, the more tears I shed at how I was so blinded to it all previously.

I find crying to be a much needed healthy release nowadays and no longer really care who sees me express my emotions via my tears.

I should probably look into buying stock in the kleenex tissue company for as much of them as I go through within a week.

There's been a few times when my expressing my emotions openly seemed to make others much more comfortable in doing so themselves, and they later thanked me.

Of course, there's always some that get really uncomfortable in the presence of any emotionally expressive scenarios, based on many different reasons. Six of one, half dozen of the other.


My first year or so with ptsd I developed a skin irritation because my cheeks were always wet and salty . I had pale pink sore tear track rashes. I pretty much cried constantly. Sometimes it’s looking back that lets you see progress. ?. I still feel like a miserable sod but infact it’s nothing like that now. No rash!