Does anyone else feel ptsd took their looks away??

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Hi all,

I used to be pleased with the way I look but find I am now increasingly ugly, does anyone else feel this way?

Has anyone else gained back their looks after recovery??
I’ve been processing my traumas using EMDR for just over a year now…and I feel like I’ve aged a bunch over the last year. Im in my 30’s and hoping that self-care and healing will revitalize me. Going through the healing process has left me tired and stressed and I feel like I can’t always recognize who is looking back at me in the mirror. I used to be hopeful and cheerful and I think that used to reflect back on my face - for some time I feel like I’ve just been in survival mode. I also lost a lot of weight and am a bit underweight now. I’m sorry you are feeling this way. Trauma takes a toll. Although we tend to be most critical on ourselves and I bet you are still more beautiful than you realize. Just wanted you to know you aren’t alone.
Interesting. I feel differently. But then my trauma was before being an adult, so I have no idea what it took away, looks, life opportunities, life paths etc.....

For a couple of decades I had no idea why I had 'worry lines', as *I had nothing to worry about*, aka, the denial/disassociative years. Clearly spending a lot of time worrying and being anxious and having no idea about that because I knew nothing else.

Have I aged since doing therapy? Sure! I'm in my 40s.
But am I healthier inside and out? Yes. So so much.

What makes looks anyway?
Yes, superficial looks, but for me there has to be an energy or vibe that I find attractive too. And I hope I am developing that for myself.

So,do you regain your looks? I suppose that depends on what you see looks to be and how you're looking after yourself?
It goes in different ways. I can definitely see how I don't have the "fresh" face anymore, but this is also because I reached the end of my 20ies.

But to be honest I prefer the way I do look now. I got a scar on my face and have more defined traits, but overall I also look more confident and I think relaxed. Not that I am that confident or relaxed but it's just the face of someone who is tired of bullshit and since it is the signal I want to give, I'm happy I'm giving the right vibe. Not that I don't have body dysphoria or aren't dissatisfied with my overall face and body sometimes, but this doesn't happen in a way that I feel is so much impacted by the trauma.

I am also a bit unsure that it's so visible to anyone else. I do know for sure that many people do find I have a fresh and radiant face and I honestly cannot see it. I think it is much more about what we see in ourselves than what's objectively available, apart from being evidently underweight or sick or moving in a way that is down.
I used to be pleased with the way I look but find I am now increasingly ugly, does anyone else feel this way?

Has anyone else gained back their looks after recovery??
I suspect it's more how you perceive how you look than how you actually look.

I never liked the way I look, so...*shrug*
I think trauma affects muscles, especially in the face and back. The way I hold myself has changed. The way my muscles are clamped in my face with all of this trauma processing has definitely affected my looks.
It sucks.

Any of the remaining fat on my face has just.. gone, and I am left looking like a gaunt version of myself and I hate it. Desperately just want my old self back.

Saying that I do think I'm starting to get through this thing.
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