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Does Anyone Else Freak Out When Not Necessary?

Discussion in 'General' started by nurse1, May 24, 2007.

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  1. nurse1

    nurse1 Active Member

    Just found out my daughter may fell school this year. I love and worry about her so much. I am in pure panic. I am so upset that I am crazy right now. It like she was in an accident. Or maybe really sick or somthing. Yes I ahould be upset but not to this extent.

    Is really hard for me to express how stressed I get. So I thought I would write when I am in full panic mode.

    I over react about everything. When any stress comes my way. I just get tramatized. That is the only way I can decribe how I feel.

    Just plain tramatized. Thats it.
    Right at this moment I would not be fit to drive. I couldnt even talk clear to someone.

    I blame all the trama that I have been threw on my reaactions to stress.

    Is this how it feels for others in stressful situations with this disorder?
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  3. 9Lives

    9Lives Active Member


    I'm sorry you're stressed out! I know I don't handle stress well anymore so I'm sure you're right about PTSD having something to do with it. In fact, my therapist concentrates on helping me deal with everyday issues & stress vs. digging too deep in my (we do that occasionally) but, I really need help with my coping skills at the moment. I don't react well to any type of stress. Maybe someone has some tips out there that could help? (hint, hint!)
  4. permban0077

    permban0077 Policy Enforcement Banned

    I will simply say yep! Pretty normal IMO. The little shit is blown all to hell. You can and will learn to step back and look at it. Me I lost it as my doc changed my appointment by an hour one day ahead and it changed who would drive me. Too much for me as I do not drive now and canceled. I need expected. Even unexpected normal day to day messes me up. I am very routine minded as it has helped me learn to cope. But mess with that all falls apart.

    But I made allowances in other areas like with kids. That is where I leave my allotments of surprises (adults who know me it is a no no). I see how much of what I can handle and have made my life form around it.

    Let kids be kids and understand what is done is done. We can be upset but it is done, no where to go but forward. We cannot change the past but we can try to stop it from happening again.

    I do not over react, I react very normally for someone with PTSD. Don't beat yourself up as it makes it worse. A whole lot of try to go with the flow. I just pick which flows as I can only handle so many. Why I give in to the area of kids, they do not get it.
  5. Miander

    Miander Active Member

    I do too. I really hate it...I freak out about all kinds of stuff and the only thing I can do when it happens is to try and get a hold of myself physically first (slow the breathing, let go of the nails bitting into my palms, wipe the sweat from my brow), then work on the rationalization.
  6. dljwhitewolf

    dljwhitewolf Active Member

    Sorry you are feeling this way, I used to. You may need to face some of your fears of the past to be able to mentally tag the stress on them, and not new events, (new events should trigger stress, but not thru the roof).
    Also face common stress with a list of what can happen now, like will i die from this, no, does this stress seem too much for this situation, yes, is this stress from my ptsd rather then the event, ?, and make sure, like i do, to try to ask very silly questions in the end, to cause laughter, this for me seems to bring down the stress, releasing it, and making it possilbe to lessen it for the next event of stress. Like do I feel gassy, or does this stress make my rear bigger? Stupid stuff that cause laughter.
    Hope these suggestions help, another ptsd ed person, White Wolf
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