Does Anyone Else... The Insanity of Dreams

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wake up in the morning with the feeling that they have been crying all night long, but can't remember anything from your dreams? hypothetically speaking.
crying all night...

I haven't quite thought of it that way, but I have wakened feeling horribly sad because of dreams. It's a heck of a way to start the day.
ahh sleep

I was sooo bad yesterday, I spent the entire day in bed.. Xanax after Xanax, trying to keep the panic away between catnaps. I dont sleep well at night.. I cant turn off my brain. I have very vivid dreams, sometimes they make sense, and other times I have know idea where it came from. Either way, I wake up feeling like crap. I feel sad, like you said.. like I'd been crying.. and sometimes I had been .. my husband wakes me sometimes when that happens. I currently take an extended release form of Xanax that is supposed to help my brain stay asleep all night, seems to be helping. Funny story for you... My doctor had me try Lunesta for sleeping.. IT MADE ME START LACTATING !!! Yeah, I'm nowhere near pregnant and my youngest child is 4. soooo... be aware of what you take to help you sleep!! :eek:
Yikes! Lactating!! I took a seraquel last night to help me sleep. I used to take trazadone, and many nights I take a couple of Advil PM.
Wonder what it's like to just sleep?
yeah, uggh

Yeah, I said to my husband, do my boobs look bigger??? I got the usual.. 'yeah honey, they look great.' It was pretty funny.. I got horrible nightmares from Ambien, Seroquel didnt work for me.. but the Xanax ER seems to be helping for the most part.
Yes, I wake up crying sometimes. No recollection of why but just in tears. Its a horrible start to the day. I hate it. It often makes me feel shaken up all that day. I also cry in my dreams, awake and not know if something is real or not, wake up frightened of nothing obvious, wake up shouting, all sorts. None of which I recommend!
I can't take xanax. I've been in alcohol/drug recovery for more than 13 yrs.
As far as the nightmares go, I usually have them every night. Very vivid, very scary. Sometimes I yell and wake up my partner.
My sweety wakes up at least two or three times a week, from some horrible dream.
Some times she remembers it, mostly not. What I try to do is to sleep light and when she cries out or when something triggers me to wake I will wake her up and ask. Also if she opens her eyes and they are real bloodshot I know she is still asleep, and having a bad time. I make her wake complety up and we get a snack, or a drink and talk if she can. We were up last night with a bad one, but, with this method the day to day impact is minimal. Generally she will go back to sleep and be calm. Abien made the dreams worse, but she is on a new drug that seems to be helping with the anxiety, and she takes it at bedtime. She has been having a bad time due to some new stressors, but this too shall pass.
I think this nightmares thing is normal for us special people. Sometimes I remember mine, other times I wake up in the morning, feeling like I've run a marathon. I also know when I've had a really bad one because I get agitated when the evening draws in. I have avoided the sleeping aids unless I'm having a really bad time of it.
I often wake up sobbing.

I have previously woken up with my throught feeling like I had been screaming. The other morning I woke up screaming. Makes me wonder if I don't scream and fight when I'm asleep.

Funny thing is, I don't *think* I do it when I'm at my sweeties place.
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