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Does Anyone Know the Cause of Tremors / Shakes with PTSD?

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I'm having issues with the shakes/tremors. It affects my hands and my legs and is quite bizarre. I can't work out what triggers it off, so I don't know how to prevent it. If I concentrate hard enough, I can make it stop, but as soon as I stop trying to control it, it starts up again.

Anyone else experience this? :confused:
I used to get them a lot of the time. It is generally an effect from anxiety, ie. your nervous and anxious about something, so you fiddle, twithch, leg shakes, tap your foot at vigorously, etc etc. You need to treat the anxiety, not the twitch or shakes, as that is the cause. As you said, if you think hard enough, you can stop it. The problem is, as your finding, they will return because your still anxious about something / things in general.

I still do it when I get anxious, though am more cognisant off it today, so I realize when I'm doing it something is making me anxious, and I need to treat the cause of that issue, not bandaid the shakes and tremours.

Why are you anxious? It could be the stuff around your getting with treatment... a most likely cause. This is the stuff that generally precedes being told you haven't got PTSD, or getting stuffed around during the help process... which then brings PTSD out in full flight (as bad as your going to get it), at which point doctors and therapists then go... oh gee, sorry, but I think you do have PTSD after all... my bad! I don't know whether they do this on purpose or what, but it is very very common during the diagnosis / misdiagnosis / getting stuffed around with diagnosis stage.
Why am I anxious? I can't say I noticed that I was, but now you mention it, maybe I'm anxious so much that I accept that as my "normal" state!! It's all very well saying to myself "it will work out etc", but I don't think the realistic side of me quite believes it.

Back to possibilities of why am I anxious....by the way, I don't expect anyone to answer this list!!!

1. Do I have ptsd or am I crazy and no-one wants to be the one to tell me?
2. Am I going to be like this forever, or will I get better enough to live a normal life?
3. Will I lose it completely while waiting for a therapist to have a gap on their list?
4. Will I even get on with the therapist after waiting 10 months?
5. Will therapy even help?
6. Will work be willing to let me come back part-time?
7. Will I cope with work, even if it is only part-time?
8. What will my colleagues say?

The list could go on and on and on........Can't imagine why I might be anxious..... :eek:

It is quite funny, now I think about it. At least this is somethingI can laugh about, even if it suggests that I'm completely mad. :D
anthony said:
the diagnosis / misdiagnosis / getting stuffed around with diagnosis stage.

Maybe this stage should be added to the dsm as another essential criterion for ptsd:

CRITERION G: To qualify under this criterion, the patient must have experienced the following:

"patient has been given at least three different diagnoses over a period of time"
"patient has been advised on previous occasions that he or she does not have ptsd"
"patient has seen at least three experienced professionals"
"patient has been prescribed at least 3 different types of medication, which haven't produced significant improvements"

When the patient has just about given up all hope, they may be diagnosed as having ptsd, providing all other criteria have been met.
It must be criterion to make the PTSD patient upset...

I've noticed at each Doctor (so far i've seen 7, and I'm meeting a new one on Wednesday) they purposely mention "the accident" and details until I break down and become a blabbering idiot in their office. Maybe, they are just trying to see for their own eyes that a certian event (or recurring events) are devastating to us... *ucking assholes...
Mental note, must add appropriate smilies to this place to show Roll On Floor Laughing (ROFL).... :) That is piss funny piglet.

Yep, your definately within the ****around wringer angry.... definately. They screw with us, I'm sure of it... exactly as you said, just to see us crack when their present. I never cracked with them, ie. fell down in a mess, but I think the shakes, wobbles and basically every part of my body ready to jump across in rage and smack piss out of the doc gave it away for me.
yeah you would think that seeing as they are in the same room as someone with "anger management" issues (aka: most people /w PTSD) they would try to keep us in a good mood.

I wonder just how many poor cousellors got their lights punched our for repeatedly mentioning a distressing moment to the PTSD patient. I know I've felt my temper flare up... they're just lucky I'm a control freak, lol
I know of one personally, a person I met through the PTSD course, who did punch their doctor across the table for intentionally trying to flare him up. The doctor got what he wanted, and couldn't fight against it, as he provoked the incident. I laughed for a while when told...
Hey anthony - I'm wondering if this thread ought to go on one of the all access bits - maybe some docs might come across it and learn something that might help all of us!
If you give permission for that to occur, as the thread starter, and young&angry is happy with her comments to go public, I will certainly change it over to the public section.
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