Other Dog Attacked by Other Dog

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My husband says I am putting too much responsibility in my hands and that if the park owners are in trouble, they aren't in any more trouble than they have given themselves.

In a few of the places I lived... if you got bit by a dog? You got to eat the dog. Black dog was the most prized for BBQ... and so it wasn’t entirely unheard of for people to deliberately provoke other people’s dogs into attacking them, so that they could take ownership right there and then, and have a big BBQ that night. Dogs were also frequently stolen, but people who wanted to be on the “right” side of the law, were known to be quite good at provoking attack.

Did you provoke the dog into attacking?
Did you immediately take ownership of the attacking dog?
Did you kill it, cook it, and eat it?
Do you frequent the dog park for the purpose killing other people’s dogs?


How about the laws...
Did you coerce the other owner -or the park owners- to break them?
Did you write unfair laws, lying to he parliament or voters in order to get them passed; &/or have the power to enact laws of your own accord without oversight?


How about God-Like Powers, where you can magically make other people and animals do what you want?

(if so? We need to talk. I have a list. Don’t worry, it’s not a long list. And it’s mostly reasonable. I’m totally open to negotiation. On at least some of them.)

If you’re not a God, you didn’t coerce the other owner or park or dog to act in the ways they’ve acted, you aren’t royalty in a dwindling number of countries where royalty has supreme power, and you weren’t cunningly brutal in your BBQ plans? Other people’s choices & actions aren’t your responsibility. Including the people who wrote/passed the laws that the dog owner & dog park have elected to break.


I found it necessary to carry a cane, and/or devices of air pressure during the park’s walk. Not for the transient stalkers but for unlawfully unleashed charging dogs. These items saved his life when flanked by a Doberman and another large 70 pound dog. (Plus a few other moves.) However, I had to work with him afterwards with exposure therapy in the City park where the incident happened as they do remember. It takes time for both the owner and the animal to rebuild confidence.

I am so sorry that it happened to your furbaby. I am glad you followed through with reporting the incident to protect others in the future while offering the care your sweetie deserved. Regardless of the outcome to the other dog, you are not the cause. It is the animal‘s parents/owners who are responsible for injuries to others and they need to thank their lucky stars it was not a child.
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