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Went for a 10k steps walk with the doggo in the forest through the rain. Big up to me!

Anyone else taking care of their body?
Congratulations on the 10k steps. That's a hell of a walk.

I'm walking around the block and lake...then I'm hitting a speed bag.
taking good care of your doggy, too. way to do that do.

does working myself to the point of exhaustion count as taking care of my body? i'm getting a rent house ready to sell. being a landlord sucks like an industrial hoover and i want this to be the last tenant i clean up after. i'm taking equal care of my doggy, too. she's staying with me at the rent house and the poor thing is so disoriented that she's walked more than 10k just trying to figure what happened to her farm. the chickens and donkeys can't possibly survive without her.

note to self
take frequent breaks. remember to eat and hydrate. no, coffee does not hydrate.
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