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Some may have noticed that the donation goal is now not reached. It was previously about $60 or so over the limit. What happened?

I logged in the other day and seen the donation goal had reset. Weird, I thought. It's not supposed to do that until 1 Jan. Taking a look at it, the software had for some reason moved the dates backwards, thus the one year setting to renew it for when the expiry ended.

As such, it was using donations from the previous year that it should not have been counting, thus when I fixed the date, it resolved to be just shy of the goal for this year. It is now correct as can be seen below, and no longer using previous years donations, thus it looked like we had exceeded the goal, but in fact the software screwup was lying, hence a shortfall again.

Purely FYI for those who question such things.

Screenshot 2020-12-22 174757.png
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