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Don't confuse a person with a group and know what you are healing

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Often in AA someone will say they hate a a particular sex. Someone hurt them in the past, typically a parent, and they have blamed the entire group. We tolerate their sexism as they work through it. Someone may have a series of bad relationships and blames that sex. We help them see it is their trauma from the past that causes them to make these bad choices in relationships. You could call it a failure to blame the right person. There are good people and bad people, it isn't all or nothing. Keep healing long enough and you can see the truth and discern between the two. It becomes clear. Then you will do something you never thought you would do, you trust someone. Because you can see. These people can be trusted, they will not hurt you. I can never be free of hurt. You can say no when I ask you out. The other person can ask me out, and I have to say no, because it is unfair otherwise, now they are now hurt. This is NOT trauma like we had before. This is the normal pain of life.

Liberal means risky, conservative means cautious. Be liberal with the salt. Be conservative with the pepper. We have identified a problem, how should we solve it? Should we be cautious, or should be risky? Denying the problem is neither conservative or liberal, so what is it? Racism and homophobia are not opinions or values. They are not debated. My religion is non dogmatic, as are most religious people. I am aware of all the flaws of my texts, I use history and science to inform it. I am on the edge of my seat for new archaeological discoveries, so I can get closer to the truth, and see my true God.

My friends are those kind to me. They are of all races, religions, political parties and sexual orientations. Why would I limit myself to one group? When someone says something racist or sexist to me, they are often jerks. It is not all or nothing. I discern between a friend or a fool and a person who actually wants to physically hurt me.

Fundamentalism is a literal interpretation of a religious text. It is not religion. It is a technique to open the door for power. All religions are used this way. Using literal interpretations to justify hurting someone has nothing to do with that religion, since is it common across all religions.

News is a business. They get paid by advertising. To get paid, they need you to click on and read their article. If they make a story on non dogmatic religious people doing good works, will you click on it and read it? If you don't read it, and they keep showing this articles, they will go out of business. You are in control. If you want these stories you have to click on them and read them. What you read is what you get.
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