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Dopamine? Tricylics? MAOIs?

Discussion in 'Medications & Substances' started by kkoehler, Jul 30, 2007.

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  1. kkoehler

    kkoehler New Member

    Tomorrow I am going to my General Practitioner for an antidepressant prescription as the depression has brought me to a stand still in life. (hope this is the correct place to post this). I've been doing some personal research via the net to determine what's going on with my brain chemistry. I know there's some iffy-ness with that but I am determined to find out what's wrong with me so I can find out how to fix it. "Knowing's half the battle", right? Using some correlation with my symptoms and the information available such as my polymenorrhea I have sort of concluded there is an imbalance in my pituitary gland and hormones. I've done a fair amount of natural medicine and counseling to heal myself over the past year. I've gotten worse. I binge eat, sleep way too much, cannot maintain focus, have become a shut in and so on.

    So I have decided to give medication a go. I don't think SSRIs are what I need. I am finding that I am actually starving myself of pleasure [enter dopamine-the pleasure hormone]. Instead of going to the gym to work out angst like I did for over nine years and taking very good care of myself and also indulging in pleasurable things such as simple self pampering, building relationships (meeting new people) and hopping on my mountain bike for some good old fashioned getting muddy and scraped up - I have withdrawn from it all. I have a strong suspicion my body connects endorphins with being in survival mode therefore that means I'm experiencing crisis according to my brain and/or body.

    I have been trying to find out about medications and treatment for PTSD. I figure the most obvious place to address is the depression. (Start somewhere ) Alleviate depression and regain some physical/mental energy, right? I would love to go to a psychiatrist but in my state, all the psychiatrists seem to have dropped accepting ANY & ALL insurance companies. They do reimbursement but not everyone has several hundred dollars sitting around especially if they are paying for other treatments such as meds and psychotherapy.

    My question is: which medications "reuptake" dopamine? I thought it was tricyclics. What anti-depressants and/or anti-anxiety meds are used to treat PTSD. I will keep researching my questions. I am also trying to find out about other treatments for PTSD besides EMDR. I went to bed last night praying that I find a PTSD support group in my area because it sure feels good to talk about it.

    From what I've read, people dealing with PTSD aren't actually psychotic, a few doctors say we tend to be neurotic. Those are very different, thus different meds are used to help with those.

    In sum, I know that SSRIs are not what I need from personal experience. So I'm asking what the other meds are used to treat PTSD related depression?

    Any insight is sure appreciated. Thank you.
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