DID Drawing my different identities...


Each time I am introduced to a new identity and get to know enough about them, I like to draw them. Does anybody else draw or collage or do anything else to show what their identities are like, or to explore the different parts?

Cookie best.jpg
Gabby pic.jpg
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My parts have pages in a journal, where we paste pictures of things they like and of their safe spaces. Twice, we have done a group portrait, where the emphasis isn't so much on what the parts look like, but how they relate to one another. My therapist would like me to do another one, but I haven't yet been able to figure out how they interact.


Yes, @Wendell_R - I have some parts that are fairly new to me that I haven't been able to draw yet. I don't know enough about them, I can't yet work out their personality and imagine what they might look like. I like the idea of journal pages with things they like and safe places - that's a neat idea.


These are awesome! I can't really draw people, but I have created a collage with pictures I found on the internet. Did that a long time ago. And I also have drawn our inside landscaping.
That sounds great. I really find it helps me to sort of identify with them all, I guess.
I’ve been drawing human figures and mostly faces for the past 20 years. A few have been drawn from life, none from photos and most were drawn from my imagination. Yet I don’t think of them as being different parts of myself. I don’t think I have parts.

Actually, I’ve been told that many of these imaginary people look like me but not all. Of the many that don’t look like me, I think of them as being strangers or perhaps, distant relatives that I’ve never met.

When I’m in the process of drawing, I don’t think about getting a likeness of anyone but rather draw more intuitively. Often, I won’t even know if I’m drawing a male or female until, I’m nearly finished and even then, I still won’t always know.

After drawing these imaginary people, I sometimes like to look at them and wonder what they might have been thinking or feeling, if, they had actually been real. Sometimes, I think I draw them to help ease my loneliness since my family died. Also I like to think that some of their faces might have looked like my own children, as I never did had any children of my own.

Here’s one typical example of my imaginary face drawings, in the rough, unfinished and uncorrected. I don’t worry about making errors when I draw these quick sketches. I’ve been drawing for many years and this takes much practice. Still they’re never perfect and I’d rather enjoy the freedom of drawing expressive lines.

imagined Not Corrected-2.jpg