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Dreaming that i have did

Discussion in 'Dissociation, Depersonalization & Derealization' started by Stephernovas, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. Stephernovas

    Stephernovas Well-Known Member

    I have a lot of unbelievable crap happening to me all at once right now. I'm working really hard at processing it, but my brain is in shock that this is actually real life.

    Last night I went to bed knowing I had therapy this morning. Well, during my sleep I dreamed I was in session with my therapist. It was as if I was a 3rd person watching the interaction but I was inside my own head too. I had an alter inform her that the 'real me' was not available to do any exposure today because I was already stressed out to my max. The alter went on to say it would discuss the exposure stuff with her, but that she was not allowed address this topic with the 'real me' because I've already had enough. This was somewhat of a lucid dream, as I have a hard time sleeping through the night and had somewhat been awakened at that time.

    What the hell is happening to me? Should I be concerned? I mean, is this what happens before an individual 'breaks'? I know I'm walking around not even remembering what I did this week because it's been so crazy, but I figured it was part of the TBI/PTSD and extra stress. Needless to say once I told my therapist about this dream in session today, we did not do exposure.

    FML. Can all the stupid people please leave the world? We don't need you.

    Thanks, bye!
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  3. Swift

    Swift Active Member

    Hey there.
    It happens to me too, a bit, the whole dissociated dreaming stuff. It's like I am actually awake and dissociated, but with more awareness and less of the physical dissociation feelings I get? I don't know if that makes sense.

    I don't know the details of your situation, but dissociation can be seen on EEG (the brain thing with the recording electrodes). Things like deja vu, vivid dreams, lucid dreams etc also can. If you have any brain symptoms at all, please mention this stuff to your doctor (preferably neurologist.) They probably can't do squat about it, but it's worth tracking. (Source: my dad is a neurologist. I asked him today because I had a deja vu dream.)
    As for the whole 'am I cracking up' thing, I don't have an answer.
    The fact that you're asking yourself that, and that you're so stressed, means you probably need a bit more of what works than what you're currently getting.
    Also, from experience, I've had times where I've come unstuck completely, and there's been no correlation with my dream activity, dissociative or otherwise.
    The only thing it really shows in my case is sleep deprivation and stress. Of course, everyone's different.
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  4. theshadowoftheliving

    theshadowoftheliving Well-Known Member

    No panic. It is what it is.

    For what it is worth, I had almost the exact same experience that you are describing. That was almost two years ago. As it turns out, it really was communication from parts, for me. It took another year to get diagnosed, but I since learned that I actually DID have the conversation in real life, not a dream.

    Not saying that is the case for you, necessarily. Just my experience.
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