Driving concerns.


Ive been driving again in the last few months not often but i do drive.

Well a few weeks ago i was driving from the store going home and literally was going the opposite direction of my home i came to after a couple minutes amd realized i turned the wrong way.I freaked out for the rest of the day because it truly concerned me..

Well today once again i was driving this time to the store and about half a mile down the road i once again realized i was going the wrong way.I once again freaked out but remained calm being that i had to go into the store still.

This makes it the second time in about two months that this has happened its almost like i completely check out but can still drive normally.

Has anyone else had this happen?
Could there be a reason why this os happening?


Yes. I had this happen going to work. My daughter was in the back as she attended the same school I work at -I am a teacher-. I was close to getting to school and then I just realized I got lost. I knew I was 2 or 3 blocks away but I didn't recognize anything so I turned my GPS on...

It really scared me. I have become distracted at other times but nothing like that one.


I will be mentioning it thank you it makes me feel better knowing im not the only one even though i wish these feelings didnt happen


I just wrote a response about something similar on another thread:
It could be considered low-grade dissociation. But it honestly sounds more like preoccupation - distraction due to lack of focus....Having trouble focusing happens to anyone as a result of stress. It's very normal. When it repeatedly interferes with aspects of daily life, then it's something that could be considered a symptom.
It's always good to report things like this to your therapist, and to track them for yourself as well. They might be able to suggest some exercises around maintaining attention+remaining present to the moment you are in.

From my own experience, I can also say that I'm far more likely to space out while driving if there's any kind of sound in the car. I can't listen to music or to talk shows while driving, and I avoid taking any phone calls via speakerphone. It just makes me a safer driver.

But as far as symptoms go, this is a pretty normal and to-be-expected one. The main concern (your energy) can go towards ensuring that you have techniques that will keep you present to operating that large piece of machinery, so you don't hurt someone else, or yourself. It's not that hard to get into a car accident, and it can have devastating consequences.


i had the same problem which is why i decided to get a self-driven car. I don't want to sit there and practice. it's just too much i rather just go and invest in a car, and let that be my goal to doing


...and my wife wonders why I use maps and directions to go nearly everywhere. My car has features that reduce the driver workload and I can drive places even in heavier traffic and not loose my mind or go the wrong way.
Unfortunately when I'm stressed and forgetful even G**gle can't tell me where I wanted to go...