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Undiagnosed Drug induced (trauma ) ptsd ?

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New Here
Hey Guys ,

I am going to give a but if a background:

I used to be a pot smoker 3 years ago.
I never had anxiety , paranoia i had always a good clean high.

My friend and me , he a experienced tripper on psychedelic drugs , decided to take some mushrooms alone.
It was my first time and we took both 2g.
The set and setting was okay but i did go in with a lot of ignorance and disrespect on such a mindbending powerfull substance.

During the onset of the trip , 2 drunk female friends popped up and that changed the vibes completely . I was more consciouss of them then of myself and my experience .
I fought it , tried to control what was happening and that lead to paranoia and fear .
The next morning i didnt feel the same
but i tried to continue on with life .
It was a traumatic experience and my mind doesnt want to really snap out of it and let me live in peace.

4 months after it , still in a same situation , overthinking things , thinking about what was wrong , trying to identify it , without really succes. Everything was going downwards . i was loosing fast weight, i had no force , was overthinking the entire day and completely out of the reality i was used to. I would call it , i had kind of a psychotic breakdown.

At that time i decided it would be good getting medical treatment and got a place in a nearby ward with professionals.
After several EKG and other tests they really couldnt find anything and just called it a drug induced distortion and that everything would be fine in some time.
They prescribed me meds wich i took 2 weeks. I quickly asked to get off them because they were just feeling me zombified and not bettering anything.

After the ward i have been living with my mom trying to do something about it but nothing has helped me by now.

Living a healthy lifestyle hasnt changed much. There is still this problem persisting wich i can feel .
I havnt taken drugs either after it .

Would you think i still carry with me this traumatic experience i had ? What could it be ? It feels like it wont snap out of that moment.

I dont feel happy because i cant really go on with life, go out , meet my friends , study and that makes me depressed because i always think about this never ending .

Any help would come good guys :)

Criterion H (required): Symptoms are not due to medication, substance use, or other illness.

PTSD won't develop from drug use, although many things, including the drug-induced disturbance you were diagnosed with can. The cause, effects, and treatments are all going to be different. So we're going to be about as much help to you, here in PTSD-land, as if you posted this on a pregnancy, cancer, or OCD forum.
Hi there,

Your story reminds me of my friends daughter. She was using cocaine and heroin in her late teens and early 20's. Had a "bad trip" which caused a drug induced psychosis.

After a few stays in the hospital she was eventually diagnosed with one of the mild forms of schizophrenia. It's like the drug psychosis exacerbated the schizophrenia. Who knows?

After reading your post I went to the forum search here and there are other posts about drug induced psychosis. Check them out.

Glad you're here. But sorry you're here! :/
Do you have the option of seeking out professional help?

I think drug education in schools should scare kids by telling them they could develop schizophrenia, psychosis, and other serious mental disorders if they do drugs. That would work better than the "drugs are bad" education that I got. Or make them learn about Brian Wilson!
Hi , thanks for your replies.

I do have the option to seek out professional help and i already did at that time without success. They called it a weed distortion and couldnt really find anything according to their books.
I really think there must be a development on drug talk at schools. Not just saying they are bad .
I really think about it after carrying it with me a long time that that first trip induced some kind of traumatic experience and my mind wont snap out of it . I dont know if time will heal it , its now 1.5 years it happened. Many things have changed into positive but the real problem persists.

I really dont know wich kind of professional help i should seek for .
I got interested in Hypnotherapy .
Ive tried homeopathy , regular psychiatrists meetings and none have really helped.

What is astonishing is that i am still capable of writing and thinking logical.
My situation is weird and it is not a form of desilusion ive made up.
Im confused .

Thanks anyways
Try googling, if you haven't already,

drug induced psychosis recovery stories

It is a more positive way of spending your time and will perhaps break the overthinking part that you mention. Best of luck to you.
Hey Guys ,

I am going to give a but if a background:

I used to be a pot smoker 3 years ago.
I never h...

like others have said, not related to ptsd i wouldnt think - these sadly are the dangers of illegal drug use- this is exactly why people say dont do it. if you think it has left you with issues, its really something only a dr can get to the bottom of - its too wide ranging to be able to have someone here diagnose for you
I don't think anyone here thinks you are making anything up.

Drugs can really affect someone, long term, and lead to a lot of legtimate distress and mental health problems. Plus, those who use drugs are usually trying to cope with pain and distress that was already there.

A bad trip doesn cause the specific neurobiological mental health condition of PTSD. But it can cause a whole host of other legitimate problems.

You sought help at the time, and it didn't provide relief you were looking for, and you quit. What you are doing now isn't working either, so now it's time to try something different.

I'd suggest finding a therapist with experience in addiction (most have experience with trauma as well) and meet with them about this. And keep meeting with them. Stick it out. It will likely help over the long haul with the distress you have in now, and give you options for dealing with whatever you were using the pot to run from, without all the downsides.
I tend towards the view that drugs/substances/trips can uncover or reveal crap that was caused a long time ago. That they don't cause it.

A good, well (experience and academically) rounded therapist, is worth their weight in gold, imo.
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