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Regardless of political leaning, we moderate according to the community constitution - threads purely discussing the election results will be closed, this thread isn't about the election results and, in my view, is akin to a group of folk praying for (or against) the current US administration.

In saying that, I'm going to ask that discussion moves on past this pretty quickly and back on to the original intention of the thread - to provide a supportive place for Wiccan spirituality.

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I'm sure I'm on ignore but I took The Albatross' comments to heart and deleted the link posted about the world wide spell casting and my two comments concerning not having cast in a couple of decades and the power of that connection. I did not think of the political ramifications but should have. It's one reason I don't visit more conservative leaning prayer threads and here I did the same thing without thinking. I do apologise to the OP and other posters here.


threads purely discussing the election results will be closed, this thread isn't about the election results and, in my view, is akin to a group of folk praying for (or against) the current US administration.
@Suzetig, I'm going to overturn this decision. I consider the discussion that was happening here to be more than just about prayer; it was about political action as a result of the election results, and therefore, belongs either in private conversation or elsewhere.

Right. Very predictable response @Suzetig - color me surprised (sarcasm intended).
@The Albatross - not appropriate, and not necessary. You made a report, and the report was valid. Next time, try and leave it at that. Your temporary ban is going to stay in place because of this post, not because of your report or your post #108.


I would like to write about one special experience I had with earth-centered spirituality. *(I am scared to share this but feel that I should).

When I was young, (9 years old)....I stood in the middle of a field of tall, green, grass.

The wind blowing ripples of air over the grass, the sunshine was warm on my face,...The sun shining brightly overhead, birds singing sweetly, and the billowing white clouds, ...slowly floating by.....

from where I stood I could see a strong and tall oak tree....I stood in this field and I watched life moving all around me and so, I allowed myself to soak up the energy of nature, of the earth, and of creation.... the wind blew softly but firmly caressed me as if I were being hugged and kissed.

I prayed to the "creator spirit" to help me understand my place and somehow, in that moment, it became clear to me that I belonged to the earth and that I was a part of the beauty of all creation, (just as is everyone else)... and so began my journey.

This might sound silly or trivial to some, but to me it was a major epiphany and I still to this day, remember the moment when I accepted the fact that I am a sacred, windblown spirit and a beloved part of the whole of creation.

I call myself a Universalist Christian, but truth is, I accept all positive, life-affirming, spiritual paths.

I hope this post does not go unnoticed.... it is a very special part of me that I am sharing here.

This memory has been hidden safely in my heart and soul for a very long time.

It was buried so deep inside of me that I had to dig through tons of waste materials to find it again. And in the darkest of times I have held to my faith .....deeply buried,, inside of me....away from the darkness, madness, and chaos of the world.

it is a moment frozen in time and it is very dear to me...I share it here to help others know that they too are part of the beauty and blessedness of all of creation. (So don't sell yourself short!!!!).

I firmly believe that life and everything that supports life is sacred. The wind, the sun, the moon, the birds, all peoples...the entire creation, the beauty of it, the glory... ....everything!

thanks for allowing me to share.



For a couple of months three or four years ago T and I said a hopi prayer together at beginning of session. Don't know why we stopped. Probably some crisis or something and I forgot and kept forgetting.

Do you guys have any suggestions for something to recite at the beginning of session to call on the Earth/Elements/Great Spirit? Therapy is a sacred practice to me and I'd like to set the intentions at the beginning and honor them at the end. And incorporating ritual into my life is important right now.


@Lionheart777 nature heals - thanks for sharing this memorie. This is what keeps me going. Nature and the sacred moments I have being in oneness when out somewhere. I also really like your thing about prayer before session. Really good idea and really good thought to see the practice as a sacred practice. I also belive in rituals and their importance in our lives.

Im my yoga practice there is a teacher that has this nice ending to the sessions saying I honour the light in me and I honour the light in you I will remember to have clear and loving thoughts, clear and loving mind and clear and loving heart. Not what you where asking for exactly but its kind of my mantra.

Wish you all the best - blessings
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