News Eating disorders are more common than you think

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Mostly that I’m surprised that they didn’t mention binge eating disorders, which are also really common. It seems like people assume that an eating disorder can only be restrictive in some way, when sometimes it’s the opposite.

Also, the fact that cultural values get mixed up in diagnoses is interesting. I’m a little tired right now, so I won’t go into detail, but it makes me wonder about what other disorders we don’t know much about because of cultural influences.

Also, I was surprised that some of my behavior matched some descriptions in the video. I’m not currently sure about why I’m trying not to eat, though. But this post isn’t about me :p I’m sure it’s just financial issues.

Did you think anything? (If you watched it?)

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Good video. Thanks for sharing!

I've been using laxatives daily for over 20 years, and yes, that requires me to drink a lot more water than the average person. Why I use them is directly linked to my PTSD. My digestion shuts down when my emotions get the better of me. As a child I would go two weeks without a BM. It was incredibly painful. I turned to anorexia for relief, until my Mom, desperate to get me to eat, came up with the idea of using laxatives. Now I can eat fairly normally, keep weight on, gain muscle, and I still fast intermittently to give my body a break from the laxatives once a week.

Doctors have long told me that laxatives are bad, but I was faced with the choice of being chronically constipated and in extreme pain and discomfort, or, through laxative dependence, having a functional body and the ability to pursue physical activity and have a life. It's not perfect, but I'm way better off than I was as a kid.
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