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I'm really struggling with my weight. I am constantly telling myself that I'm not good enough or not skinny enough but when i get to a place that i'm happy with how i look i get told by people that i don't look normal or that i'm too skinny. I currently weigh 46kg and i eat a lot now but i just can't manage to put on weight. I'm always tired and i just don't really seem to get hungry anymore. I'm worried, i don't know if i should go talk to a professional about my weight or not.


Hi @eviee - Welcome. From what you've shared in both of your posts, especially this one, I'd suggest that you reach out to your physician and share your concerns so that you can be adequately evaluated and get the treatment you might need. Take care. VB
If people were even half as careful about insulting someone for being "too skinny" as they are about insulting someone for being overweight, the world would be a much nicer place.


Welcome, @eviee .
I just want to say that I've been exactly where you are now. So I really do understand what you're going through.
And that yes, talking to a professional about your weight sounds like a great idea. Is that something you would be comfortable doing?
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