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Ect causing trauma

Discussion in 'Medical' started by tybalt, May 10, 2017.

  1. tybalt

    tybalt Guest

    I wanted to know if there's any writing people have, or any experiences they can share, about how electroconvulsive therapy may contribute to trauma? I had a course of ECT almost exactly a year ago and I still think about it all the time, have nightmares about it. I have panic attacks when i have to get a needle in the hospital because it's too similar to getting the anesthesia before ECT. It ruined my memory and I feel awful and I can't stop thinking about it especially since I'm coming up the the one-year anniversary. I don't know if this even counts as trauma, but when I tried looking it up all I found was articles on how ECT cures PTSD. Does anyone have a similar experience or resources?
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  3. Kodah

    Kodah Member

    adrenaline causes memory to be written to long term memory immediately. Anesthesia prevents short term memory being written to long term memory.

    From my experience with this, I'm left with almost no visual memory. the emotional and subconscious memory is like a 6 inch scar in my brain which was very difficult to sort through to understand what and why it's PTSD.

    I hope that helps to understand a bit. My experience was not with ect. I don't believe PTSD can be cured.
  4. jtothecan

    jtothecan Guest

    I hope you can see this. I have severe PTSD from ECT. I can't even smell rubbing alcohol. I cannot remember a lot, but I remember the smell. I remember the anxiety as I felt I couldn't breath as I went under. I remember how to me it was a huge deal but to the medical staff it was nothing. It was in a basement of a mental hospital. I remember the smell of the room; the smell of my psychiatrist who is in a different building in a different city. Each smell sends me into shock and panic, all associated with ECT. I'm crying now writing about it. I hope you have healed. I hope to one day heal.
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