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Effects From Recreational Use of "Benzos / Xanax?"

Discussion in 'Social' started by permban0077, Dec 16, 2006.

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  1. permban0077

    permban0077 Policy Enforcement Banned

    Y'all know I have had issues with my teen girl to the point she moved in with her dad (she purposely made my life hell to get there, for y'all new comers). Well, the joys of packing and digging every little thing out... I came across a nice english report she did. Well, with it I also came across a bottle of missing Xanax, that I did not even know was missing. I thought my pills were going faster than I was taking them but I figured it was in my head... It was in the TOY box with her report and various crap that was left behind and I was going through just incase the kids over looked something.

    I have NEVER had my pills in the kids rooms, I have never even had my pills upstairs. She is the only kid that was a trouble maker and had failing grades start up. All the others are in honors classses and impress those who meet them and their teachers, and well the other one is only 3 so I doubt it is her.

    Someone took my Xanax, a mild tranq. These were 1/2 mg pills. Could my teen girl taking this had been causing this and her recent "disillusioned" behavior and thoughts of home (Like saying in a paper diary maggots were coming out of the floor I just found the other day)? Did I just screw up and send a druggie to her dad thinking she was just being a brat last month? I am going to call to inform the bastard, but I know he will blow me off but he needs to be informed any way.

    I just really need to know if all the crap she was doing was charateristic of someone taking traqulizer that did not NEED it? And lord if she was doing that no telling what the hell was going on under my nose.

    Yes, I know it just never stops with me and her (drama drama drama). But I don't want her on drugs because now I really feel like shit for not seeing it if this is the case.

    I HATE PACKING!!!! You find shit you don't want to then! But the truck should be loaded tonight, almost done. Hubs is napping.

    Thanks for any info y'all can give me, I know as long as I have taken the shit I should know what it does, but I know the effects on people who need it with PTSD, not teens.
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  3. becvan

    becvan Queen of the Blunt! Premium Member

    Veiled, I'll get into this more later as i'm very tired and heading to bed... but for now...

    It's a mind-altering chemical. nough said. Of course that would make her hallunicnate (omg I am tired..) and she wouldn't have been taking it according to perscription either!! I loved pills as a drug-popping addicted teen. This crap was right up my alley... I took handfuls at a time.. I would talk to your doctor about what it could do to her or did.. umm what else..

    Trust your instincts. If you feel in your gut it was her, then it was her. Evidence points to her anyways.. diary of hallicunations? what more proof do you need.

    And STOP beating yourself up. you are not superwoman. you don't have eyes attached to the kid's ass.. come on now.. the 'perfect' parent couldn't stop or control that (nevermind the denial issues 'they' have or the not my sweet baby and ignore it all together) but those of us already drugged up with PTSD? OMG, veiled. There is no way you could have caught that, nevermind, stop it. And she would have just played mind-games with you to keep you f**ked up so that you couldn't "prove" it. Trust me. I was a pro at this game...

    Bec *more tomorrow*
  4. permban0077

    permban0077 Policy Enforcement Banned

    Thanks Bec, I called the stupid bastard after I posted and he blew me off... Go figure. I asked him to at least take her in and get a drug test... Of course no. Hell, I don't know what to do. She is so much like her dad and with her and her stunts in general you have to glue eyes to her ass... Lord that child worries me. I will just pray do not call me pregnant in a few months!!!! Or an even bigger STD than kids. At first I thought she just enjoyed torturing me with my symptoms as yes, she played mind games, but that and take my meds???? I have enough stress. I am having to stay up while hub sleeps as I already have the resident sticky fingers on my property sniffing around while we load up the rig that have been chased off.

    I swear I will post something good soon... Actually I did have one good thing today, will post it later, it got kinda pooped on by this. And her dad being an ignorant ass. Drugs would certainly explain a lot. I swear if they came out with an instruction manual for teens they would make so much $$$ Bill Gates would look like a poor man.
  5. tig

    tig Active Member

    Veiled, Benzo withdrawl is quite unpleasant and can include seizures. I'm not trying to frighten you-- just all the more reason to get a blood test done. There's always the chance she could've been selling them.
  6. permban0077

    permban0077 Policy Enforcement Banned

    Tig, thanks, trust me I know first hand about that one... I was on 10 mg a day now down to .75 a day, though doc wants it upped during my move.

    Not that selling is a pleasant thought, it is one I did not consider, thanks!
  7. YoungAndAngry

    YoungAndAngry Well-Known Member

    Finding that empty bottle of xanax is just like finding missing peices of a puzzle.
    Taking or selling something like that would probally explain alot of her earlier behaviour when she was living with you.
    It's not your fault, especially if you kept the medication away from your children.

    Before my medication had an issue with "dissappearing", when some of my previous roomates lived with me.
    I've just accepted that I can't watch my meds all the time, and by keeping them in the phriscription bottle I don't notice when some are taken.
    So now, I buy a weeks worth (mainly for $ reasons, but it also helps me keep track of how many pills I have)
    and immediatly put them in "weekly" pill container, they are sorted into days and I will notice if any are missing immediatly.

    Veiled, you are a great parent, and you are constantly looking out for your daughter.
    Hopefully her dad will take this information seriously, and get her tested.

    You take care
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