Eleven Words - One Poem: Elfchen



Hi all,

On a German forum I have come across a creative web "game" that is called "Elfchen". "Elfchen" is German and can either mean "little elf" or "little eleven". In this case, an "Elfchen" is a poem of exactly eleven words (so: a "Little Eleven" :) ). The first line consists of one word only, the second line of two words only, the third line of three words only, the fourth line of four words only and the fifth line of one word only.

Here is an example:

Sky (first line = one word)
White clouds (second line = two words)
Sunshine breaking through (third line = three words)
A soft warm breeze (fourth line = four words)
Heaven (fifth line = one word)

All in all: 11 words.

So, let's say, the "Sky" poem above was the start-off poem. Then the next person would use its last word (i.e. "Heaven") as the first word of their own new eleven-word poem:

Peace, love
Miss you, grandma
Miss you so much

The next person would then use the last word of this poem, i.e. "Hugs", as the first word of their own eleven-word poem.

For me, it's been all about associating words and feelings... and it has been a lot of fun and very rewarding for me to write out "Elfchens" on the German forum. I thought we could get this thread going as there are so many on here who write (creative writing). Hope you'll join in and that you will find it as rewarding as I have!

Start with the word "Hugs". :)