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Eli Lilly Zyprexa - World Of Hurt

Discussion in 'Medications & Substances' started by anthony, Dec 30, 2006.

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  1. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    Do you have a stake in the Lilly pharmaceutical company? Their top selling atypical anti-psychotic Zyprexa has been a profit and news generator with a lot of controversy.

    As someone who was (1996-2000) wrongfully prescribed the costly Zyprexa 'off label' for my PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) i can tell you that all it does for patients like myself who are not hearing voices and delusional is make you unproductive zombied out and sleep a lot.

    Zyprexa was promoted indiscriminately {Viva Zyprexa} with much glamour as an 'anti-psychotic' panacea for patients with psychological trauma and other issues. There is only a narrow range of patients with schizophrenia accompanied by delusional hallucinations or for agitated manic patients who are FDA approved for good reason.

    The doctors at my clinic in Bangor Maine say that they "stopped dispensing Zyprexa some time ago and switched to Seroquel and Risperdal as they are less prone to diabetes".

    I think this is telling, no matter how much press coverage or court action is in the future for Lilly. What is going to hurt sales are doctors who have the final say, will only give out Zyprexa as a PRN to patients who are in acute psychotic episode. There is no way now that a $4.2 billion dollar a year Zyprexa sales market will hold up.

    I got diabetes in 2000 from my zyprexa usage and have sent 3 certified letters to Lilly management in the past year demanding a reasonable damage settlement. Don't forget that they initiated the $700 million Zyprexa settlement offer a couple of years ago,the problem is claimants are having to fork over half their payout for various fees.

    Source: ProgressiveU

    I now have over 50,000 pages up exposing the http://www.zyprexa-victims.com/ controversy and make more every day that Lilly stonewalls me.
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