EMDR f*cking hurts.

It does. Because it's your body releasing all that pent up trauma
But once it all clicks the pain is totally worth it - those horrible feelings become just echos in the past
I hope I get to that point with it. Today was the first day we tried it in therapy and it brought up so much and I feel awful. I felt fine at first but tonight has been absolutely awful with flashbacks, panic attacks and the like.


It does suck. A lot. But... it works, at least for most of us. It can take a while to process a memory, but once you do it's amazing how good you feel afterward. So much is lifted away and you just feel.... good, like you haven't felt in a lot of years.

I've processed several memories and it worked great. Some took longer than others. The one we're working on now is taking quite a while (it's a really bad memory), but we are taking breaks every now and then.


When I first started emdr, it stirred too much up in me. I became extremely disregulated. Once she figured out what was happening, I got discovered as having complex ptsd. It changed the game plan. We do flash emdr to lower my SUDS before doing traditional emdr. Don’t forget to pace yourself. You can tell your therapist to stop or do less sets/more calm down time. Make sure your T is aware of your panic and flashbacks between sessions. Also, make sure you have good self care and coping skills. Good luck in your healing! Emdr is hard and painful. I believe it will help in the long run.


I remember thinking-"hey, this is causing something to happen, lets see where it goes" and then not a lot until I found myself standing in front of my truck wondering if I should drive or not. After years of drugs and counselors that couldn't even dent the surface, just side effects and written checks, it was so good to have something that was godawful but did something!
i couldn't wait to see if I could learn to ride the bull and tried to schedule another appointment, but she wouldn't see me again because it turns out I was her first after a weekend training at a holiday inn or some damn thing. She was sorry and scolded for taking so much on all at once and streeting me while I was still sobbing like a baby. i have found others and they have all helped, but it is like I am a junkie chasing the fix, I have never had the same outpouring of that first session repeat.
Be sure you have a good guide, and don't just play along when you are asked to have a mental image of a container and a trusted benevolent person you can ask for help and a safe place. It seems silly at first but is SOOO important. Don't get stuck wondering how long before you can trust yourself to drive like I did.