Undiagnosed EMDR recommended?


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My therapist who Ive only seen 4 times and who I like and can trust has recommended EMDR for me. However, upon researching into it, it seems my perceived traumas are nothing compared to some that are being treated. Sure I had a screwy childhood, but was never physically abused, I had a traumatic divorce(psychological abuse), a child with a heroin addiction and as a nurse was abused verbally on a regular basis, but does all this constitute PTS?


If the traumas are mild or are not the source of PTSD, then the EMDR course of treatment may be correspondingly short. Maybe the question to ask your therapist is what would EMDR potentially offer you? I have PTSD, but in my own treatment I can see that EMDR can be a tool to promote greater coping skills, less worry about the past, and calmness.


EMDR has been shown to be quite effective for an increasing breadth & scope of disorders, conditions, and “even” “simply” concerning issues/events that could use some serious processing.... with an exponentially better prognosis as a result.

Not at all unlike how supplemental o2 is helpful for patients with a wide variety of issues, not just pulmonary patients.. although there’s a definite usefulness scale. Absolutely for pulmonary, nearly always for cardiac, often for this, sometimes for that, won’t really make a difference for this, that, or the other... surprising useful with, huh, I wonder if there’s something else going on with this patient?