EMDR therapist recommendations please - if anyone has any? I'm lost!


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Hi there.

I am new to this forum so hello, and apologies in advance if this is not an appropriate question to ask.

I wondered if anyone was seeing a great EMDR therapist in the UK, privately, who is really nice/kind/nurturing and good with complex trauma? And, if so, would you be willing to give me their name (not sure if you can send private messages here or not?)

I was with my previous integrative therapist for many years, before she recently decided she didn't have the skills to cope with my trauma (CPTSD).

So I started the long, traumatic and complex journey of looking into EMDR and EMDR therapists.

I am working so can afford to go privately, but not to pay some of the extortionate fees that some seem to be charging! I'm based in London which seems even worse.

As most EMDR therapy seems to be online now, I'm broadening my search to anyone really who looks good.

I've tried searching near me in London but no-one stands out and many seem v expensive.

I've tried searching on all the usual sites - counselling directory, psychology today etc but there are literally pages and pages of therapists. They are just a sea of faces.

I tried one therapist who looked great in their photo but was nothing like I expected them to be when we met, and that massively triggered me.

So, I just thought I'd try here in case anyone has found anyone good and was willing to share their name. I can then look them up myself.

I appreciate that whether someone is good or not is subjective, but if they are kind, gentle and good with complex trauma, that's a good start!

Thanks ever so much!


Welcome to the forum @Eastside

I don’t have a specific therapist to recommend, I’m afraid. To narrow the search down, I’d look at both BACP and UKCP websites. If a therapist is a member of one/both of those, they are required to have met a certain standard in their training, they are bound by the ethics of the organisation and there is a process in place if you ever need to make a complaint against any member.

I’m also a fan of Welldoing.org | Counselling & Psychotherapy | Your Therapy Your Way but haven’t used it to find a therapist myself. As well as being able to search using different filters (eg EMDR) they also offer a personalised matching service where, for a fee (about £65, I think), they will gather info from you, then come up with recommended practitioners. If they don’t hit the mark within a few attempts, you can get the fee back. As I said, I haven’t used this service myself, but it might be worth exploring if you can afford the fee. Might save you a lot of time and hassle? I do know some practitioners who are listed on the site (they’re friends of mine, not therapists I have worked with) and they speak highly of this website, the organisation’s ethos and the people who run it, so it’s definitely a resource I’d use if I were looking for a new private therapist.

Good luck with your search. I get what you mean about a sea of listings/faces and how do you choose.


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Thank you so much everyone for the warm welcome and the great advice. I will look into the one that matches you if I can't find anyone from my final search through the usual sites. Thanks again!