Equine therapy


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Therapist and I talked about something on Thursday,equine therapy and she has a good friend that does this with sexual abuse victims.Plus she works with veterans dealing with PTSD.Luckily she came in and said I am welcomed to come to her next session in 2 weeks.I could not turn it down hearing good thing about this and doing my research
Equine therapy was one of the best things I've ever done - I still volunteer at the stables from time to time. It is amazing how the horses can calm you down just being next to them.
It wasn't' easy - horses can bring up feelings in a way that nothing else can, but totally worth it
mine is not formal therapy, but my two donkeys are salve for my wounded soul, as is any connection to the bioweb. there are good many folks who are astonished to hear that i am finally kissing ass. it's up to them to decide if they want you to kiss my ass. i bet you'll want to.

should i add that equine therapy hasn't been a bit of help toward cleaning up my gutter mouth?
It went good and my husband encouraged me.At first the horse would not come up to me when I walked up to them.Then came up to me,peace of mind came up to mind when it happened.Two in the group were like me,sexually assaulted and raped as well.A friendship with them has happened