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Even professionals struggle to help

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May I ask what they’re struggling to help you with?

Sometimes, it’s because we haven’t found the right person to talk to yet. In my experience, if a professional didn’t get it, it was time for a new professional or at least a second opinion.

Wishing you well.
The SH, constant suicide thoughts, severe lack of sleep, pretty much verbally mute these days, .and other things
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Who do you have as your support network? You've given the same reply for the last 3 entries so I imagine you feel pretty f*cked.
Hm pretty much me. Adoptive mom helps somewhat financially but besides that not much of relationship. Im the person people call when they need a resourceful person beyond that keep to self(no one really hits me) dr and psych nurse but they are struggle psych nurse called and most of convo was him saying um or just silent. Meds are like russian roulette and have made me worse. Been to psyvh hoapital twice never again
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THEY don't get it VS

You think they don't get it?

Two very different things.

How do ya know they don't get it, what gives you the impression?
What would help you feel better understood?
Oh i get that. But when some says "they dont understand how to get Me to talk and are frustrated with themselves. But maybe im wrong to believe what THEY said.(even though in email) hmmm.. Trust me i would of stated i think they dont understand if it was that. Hence why wrote "they dont understand" vs "i think they dont understand" but thanks! God i feel like a ghost i can specifically say thing blatantly and it doesnt matter. Its like with adoptive fam when told them about grandmas declining health then after multiple hospitalizations want to state oh we didnt know she was so bad.... This is probably why have turned pretty mute no point in words.

Also i think i said they struggle to help not understand. But some do struggle to understand which is of course ok. Complete difference between understand vs help drs understands very well just has reached her ability to help etc

There's alot of smart people on this site. Keep posting because people will support you. You sound like your at deaths door. Best wishes to you.
I wish my words meant something but soy el fantasma
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What all meds have you tried? They are always a challenge to get right. Also combo vs mono therapy works better for some. Are you also in therapy with a trauma therapist? I know I had to search for one that was prior military and that made a difference. Here is a great place to vent.
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