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Evie's Cancer

Discussion in 'Supporter Discussion' started by Kathy, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. Kathy

    Kathy I'm a VIP

    I feel rather as though I am "hogging" the Carers forum - to use one of Evie's expressions - with all the threads I am starting regarding my own family. Any of you who wish it, please feel free to do your own "hogging" to counteract mine! :biggrin:

    All joking aside, I did wish to start a thread regarding Evie's current cancer protocol and treatments. I have Evie's permission to do so. She will not be on the forum again until September likely. I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to get things off my chest so to speak, as well as a way to keep those interested updated on Evie's progress.

    She begins treatments today, Jim accompanied her into the city early this morning. I just received a call from Jim, Evie's bone marrow biopsy and aspiration did not go terribly well. They had difficulties removing the marrow and the procedure took approximately twice as long as usual. The procedure is quite painful, especially given Evie is allergic to the drugs they usually administer to ease the pain. Jim had to hold her down for most of it. Really I felt ill just hearing about it. Thank goodness it is now over with, and she will not require another such test for 3 months. As I type this, she is likely receiving her first radiation treatment, and then she and Jim will be returning home. I believe I will prepare some special food Evie enjoys and hopefully she will feel up to eating it once they arrive.
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  3. wildfirewildone

    wildfirewildone Well-Known Member

    :frown: I am very sad to hear of the difficulties that Evie had today...my heart goes out to her....It's bad enough to have PTSD to deal with and then now a return of the cancer....You will all be in my prayers...If the skies are clear tonight...Go out and sit and stare up in the sky...I have always found that totally mezmerizing and very relaxing!! :cool:..PEACE FOR THE PLANET
  4. She Cat

    She Cat Policy Enforcement Banned Premium Member Sponsor $100+


    When I read your post, all I felt was sadness. For Evie, you and Jim. She and you have been through so much. I am so sorry that it just continues.

    Maybe this time the cancer will go into remission forever. We can all hope and pray...

    Please tell Evie that I said to take special care of herself...You and Jim too.


    PS Many (((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))
  5. Jim

    Jim Well-Known Member

    Very fine idea wildfire. Believe we shall do just that. Have a marvelous view of the sky and stars here in the country. :)

    Wendy, must admit, I did feel sad and helpless today. However. Evie was not alone, she had me. She got through it, being the trooper she is. And. It is the worst she will have to endure for a time. Now only weekly bloodwork and radiation, which is relatively painless.

    Our family has been through much pain. This is true. However. Has been quite amazing to the wife and myself, to discover how many other military families go through multiple problems such as our own. Met many at the Military Family Resource Centre. With the current war in Afghanistan, one in five military families deals with at least one PTSD member, some more than one, and all the myriad of problems that go along with it. It is quite sobering, and about time the government started doing something about it.

  6. Nicolette

    Nicolette ♡ Supporter Admin ♡ Supporter Admin Sponsor $100+

    My heart goes out to all of you - Evie, Jim & Kathy.

    My thoughts are with you and I wish Evie all the best with her treatment. I wish I could find the right words to say more.
  7. pandora

    pandora I'm a VIP

    You are in my thoughts, all of you and I hope my prayers will help too!
  8. Cole

    Cole Active Member

    You are all in my thoughts as well.
  9. Jim

    Jim Well-Known Member

    Thanks all, much appreciated. Just got shit from the wife for not reporting how Evie is since home. D'oh as my sons would say. ;-) She was in good spirits, once the biopsy was completed. Major relief for her I think, having that over with. Talked my ear off for about 20 minutes, then slept the rest of the way home and is in her bed now.

  10. She Cat

    She Cat Policy Enforcement Banned Premium Member Sponsor $100+

    Jim, Cathy & Evie,

    Evie would have to be a trooper.....I believe that people that have PTSD are actually very strong people emotionally. We have had to endure things that others can't even fathom.

    I can certainly imagine how uncomfortable the aspiration was. I have Chronic viral Meningitis and every time I come down with it, I have to have another spinal tap. I have had it 6 times, so 6 spinal taps. They are not fun, and I have heard that bone marrow aspirations are even more painful.

    Please tell Evie that I said to rest and then get well soon...

    Hugs to all of you,

  11. Marlene

    Marlene I'm a VIP Premium Member

    Kathy, Jim, Evie,

    Glad that this part is over. Sending all there a big hug and wishes for some restful days.

  12. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    I do truly feel for you both, let alone what is felt for Evie having to go through this. I don't know personally, but I have a good imagination from pain I have experienced in the past. If Jim was holding her down, doesn't take much to guess. Again, you both know I am all ears for you offline when needed, so if you just want to yell at someone, you know my email. I won't get cranky, honest :)

    People always look towards the person enduring pain, yet they often forget those who feel just as much in other aspects, ie. the carers. I can imagine what it would be like for you both in relation to feeling helplessness, being a parent myself and having my kids hurt seriously before. Logan has had more stitches than I think I have... and he did all that before 12. I guess as a parent I worked out why my parents had grey hair so early in life, with seven off us kids near killing ourselves, who wouldn't have grey hair.

    You know you both have my support and understanding, though I do not obviously have the experience off caring for someone through cancer, that I can only guess. Hopefully I will never experience it myself. Please take care of yourselves during this, though i guess you both would have that down to a fine art nowadays? Just know I think your both amazing people... and I truly mean that from the heart, you are a true inspiration to humanity the way in which you handle everything that has gone on with your lives. Thank you. I believe the pleasure is certainly all mine since meeting you both, having you both here.
  13. hodge

    hodge I'm a VIP Premium Member Donated

    Kathy and Jim,

    I truly hope and pray you have better days for awhile now. Please let Evie know I'm thinking of her and hope she feels better soon.

    Take care all,

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