Exams anxiety


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I’m starting exams tomorrow and normally i get incredibly anxious and even physically ill from exhaustion and stress. This time I don’t have anything (just normal anxiety). Its weirding me out, it doesn’t feel right.
I should be happy, and i am a little, but i feel like im doing something wrong and its bothering me. The closer i get to the exams the more anxiety starts to kick in so now its the night before 2 exams and i can feel an anxiety attack coming. (Rn I’m studying fir the exams with some music so I am prepared:)


I think we often have this expectation of ourselves to be able to embrace a change that is manifestly good (experiencing normal vs. crushing anxiety). The thing is, it also makes sense that not experiencing what you’ve grown accustomed to experiencing feels weird. When you add the layers of normal exam anxiety on top, I think it makes sense that you might also feel anxious about having a different experience of anxiety. I hope this makes some semblance of sense!

I’m sure you know this, but maybe it is helpful to hear again (or maybe not - absolutely feel free to skip over/disregard!): most exams are designed with intention to see what you’ve learned. It seems like you do care about school, so my guess is you’ve probably learned quite a bit. One breath at a time, you’ve got this.

And also, exams suck!


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Thank you! I know what exams are for but its different when people put all this pressure and expectations on me and making an exam more than it actually is. I got through the first two, next week I have another four