Exhaustion After Panic - Do Others Feel This?

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Was just wondering if anyone else gets hit with sheer exhaustion after a panic attack. This isn't straight away, I usually stay wound up and antsy for quite a few hours after, but one I do calm enough (whether it be hours or days) my body crashes.

Nothing wakes me, nothing disturbs me. If I do get up for anything, I'm like a zombie. Usually I'm only like this if I'm sedated. Pretty much how it feels.

It scares the sh** out me. Keep meaning to ask, but this time I actually remembered.

*ponders* almost need a I don't need drugs smilie.
My panic attacks usually last for a day or so :eek:

Then for the next day I get depressed :frown:

Then after that I am exhausted and could sleep for a whole day or so :sleep: (if I'm not at work)
Cass, I'm just like this. Even if the panic attack is mild, it tires me in the same intensity. If the panic attack is severe, I tend to hibernate..... I know what you're saying by the drug thing. When I'm in this mode (haven't been in a while), I get weak, my limbs feel like there are weights attached. I basically sleep it off, sometimes for days. I attribute it partly to exhaustion, partly due to depression.
Yeah, I get pretty drugged-like after a panic attack as well. It only lasts a day or two though, mostly because I sleep really hard afterward.
I'm not alone, I'm NORMAL!!!!

okay, is a bit of a relief to know that this total lethargy is normal. I'd do a happy dance if I wasn't ready to crash again :blush:
I'm not alone, I'm NORMAL!!!!

okay, is a bit of a relief to know that this total lethargy is normal. I'd do a happy dance if I wasn't ready to crash again :blush:
Oh' your funny, you made me laugh with the "I'd do a happy dance if I wasn't ready to crash again."LOL

You're certainly not alone, another one here who is hit with sheer exhaustion, even some depression after a serious panic attack. It's unavoidable too. Just seems to happen that way and all and is perfectly normal for me too. Take care......
You are normal Cass! I am much better now than I used to be, but wouldn't it be nice if we could all just hang out somewhere in between a panic attack and hibernation? Now that would be nice...
MMM So im not alone with the knackerd felling for a day or two after a panic attack weather it be a mild or nerve shattering one. I have only just found out that when im having a panic attack and feel like im shaking to the point i think my head is going to snap off im hardly shaking at all, must be all on the inside. The only reaction i get is that it looks like im day dreaming and sweating a bit shit i thought i could of mixed concrete the way i feel in the mist of an attack .

I have the same reaction after my exposure therapy the next day is always a shocker as much as i try not to put myself in that mood it wins, at the moment i just ride with it, its to hard to fight and if i do it only makes my symptoms last for another day or two.
Starts doing the happy dance because from sleep and chocolate she feels GOOD.

Okay. I like not being the only one. It is relieving to know that I'm not peculiar. Well, not that peculiar anyway.
Okay wait a minute.. are you guys saying you can count how many panic attacks you have in a day???

Hmphs... that bites. I have so many I can't seperate them. According to doc's I have "the most severe anxiety" they have seen. Which, of course, I thought was entirely normal (for everyone not just us PTSD'ers...) So, can you really tell how many you have? Do you guys only have one or two a day?

Bec, when I was at my worst, yeah, they all ran together. It was hour after hour of shaking, crying, throwing things, etc. But it got better, and there were some rays of sunshine coming through. Hence only having about one or two a day. Now, I don't have one unless I'm seriously tired, stressed out, or have a bad trigger. So about one to two a month. Sooo..um, bec, you just might have one of the most severe cases....but I think you are doing so incredibly awesome!
Thanks Nam! It took me years and years to figure out that it was anxiety attacks. It's just so normal to me that I function like most everyone else (in public) come home, stress and meltdown, pull my socks up and get on with household. Everyday. Basically, I learned how to hide my attacks. My whole family keeps asking me what attacks? They think "that's just bec, she is just wingy (insert crazy, firery etc.. whatever the name of the day was..) so really everyone around me is used to it. I really see it as having no choice. Single Mom, no help and had to hold it together for my kid (now two of them) so I just deal but... man having one or two a month sounds nice... I had no idea that is what I was working towards. Would never have imagined that...

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